How To Activate Airtel Unlimited On UtLoop V2ray VPN


Tunneltweak VPN connect fast but work for some time and disconnect back which as been most things people as been talking about and seems what’s the owner of the VPN setup for so as to do engage people to get premium server of the VPN, seems so, an alternative VPN that will work for you without any file attach to it, and will make your airtel unlimited connect which is called utloop v2Ray VPN. 

Some people might know about the VPN before but might not know the use of the VPN or how to connect it with there airtel unlimited or and they can make it connect to there airtel unlimited on this article you will know how to get the VPN and connect it to your airtel line so as to browse unlimitedly. 


  • Utloop v2Ray VPN download from the link here
  • Get your airtel sim ready with 0.0k airtime and no any data should be on it. 
  • Then follow the below steps by staying focused and patient. 

Disclaimer: We are not in any way responsible for any free internet or free browsing cheat, all artists provided on this platform are strictly for educational purposes only. 

In case you have the VPN earlier follow below produce to get the updated version of the VPN. 

How To Download Utloop V2ray VPN Update

  • Once you get to your VPN, goto your app settings on settings on your phone. 
  • Locate your play store and find the clear data settings. 
  • Don’t clear the data but clear the caches of the Google play store app. 
  • Now proceed to open your play store and search for the V2Ray Utloop VPN and click on update then you are good to go. 

Above procedures are attached to people that have the VPN on their mobile device earlier if you are downloading it new you don’t need to follow the steps that are stated above just follow the next steps that we provide below. 

Now we move to the main part. 

How To Activate Airtel Unlimited On V2Ray Utloop VPN 

  • Open the VPN once you open it you will need to update the tweak. 
  • And if you have the tweak loaded on your app earlier you can follow below steps. 
  • Once you get to the VPN, click on the menu button located on the top left corner of the app. 
  • Find the delete config button on the menu option and click on it. 
  • Make sure you have switched to a network connection with little data just to update the tweak.
  • On the same menu option click on update tweak or update config. And wait for it to update. 
  • After it’s as complete as the update, find the tweak named NGA Airtel Unlimited. 
  • Select it and click on the start button. Once it’s connected you will see it below the app. 
  • But make sure your airtel data connection is on before you do this. 
  • Once it’s connected, minimize the VPN and ride on with your unlimited browsing. 
Airtel unlimited on utloop v2Ray VPN

That’s it. 

Hope it works for you. 



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How To Activate Airtel Unlimited On TunnelTweak VPN Fast In Connecting

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