How To Activate Airtel Unlimited Free Browsing On Hatunnel Plus VPN

airtel unlimited 2021

We recently talked about airtel unlimited free browsing May/June 2021 using the VPN called stark VPN, which result came out it does not work for them, we’ve almost fallen to the month of June which you can still be able to enjoy the free browsing cheat if you follow well and don’t do I too know, we will be using hatunnel plus VPN to get this done make sure you read the article to the end. 

A video tutorial was published on our youtube channel which talks about how you can make any VPN connect to the airtel unlimited tweak, it’s highly recommended you wash the video so that if this VPN does not connect for you, then you can use the same tweak to get the VPN connection for you straight forward. 

Video Guide

Watch the video and. Subscribe to the youtube channel so as to enjoy related tips like free browsing, how to make money online, technology tips, and more related categories that can be found on alitech blog. 

Now let’s move to the main purpose of this article. 


  1. Hatunnel VPN plus download from here or and straight to the play store. 
  2. V2Ray ut loop VPN download from here or end straight to Google play store and download. 
  3. Airtel sim without data or airtime airtel 0.0k. 
  4. Hatunnel airtel unlimited file download here 
  5. Latest config file ⚡⚡⚡⚡ download here
  6. Airtel unlimited alternative file download here
  7. Latest hatunnel file 15 June 2021 download here.
  8. Focus and patients. 

Disclaimer: this article is provided for educational purposes only. 

How To Activate Airtel unlimited Free Browsing On Hatunnel Plus VPN 

After you have downloaded and installed the ha tunnel VPN. Go ahead and open it with your data connection on and not the airtel data connection. 

Make sure you have little data on the sim you turn on the data connection. 

Now download the airtel unlimited .hat configuration file from here. Or Head straight to hatunnel official channel to download it. 

Once you download it click on the file and import it to ha tunnel VPN plus. Or just open the VPN and find the import button on the top right Corner of the app. 

Airtel unlimited on hatunnel vpn

And import the file you download. Now before you click on start on the VPN. 

Airtel unlimited on hatunnel vpn

Make sure you turn on your airtel network data connection. 

And wait for it to connect, once it’s connected you can now keep browsing unlimitedly with great speed. 

If it’s fails to connect you, the trick on the video provided here to get it done. 

Let us know in the comments section if it works for you. 



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