Latest Mtn Recharge Code And New Mtn Recharge Code

New Mtn Recharge Code

Mtn Seem has conceived a lot of customers which makes them bring up some updates on their platform. Some months ago mtn brought up a new way to recharge your line with your airtime, New Mtn Recharge Code, which is different from the old ways. 

Nevertheless, in the article, I will reveal all possible ways that will enable you to recharge your line on mtn with the latest code and the old code likewise ways on how you can double your airtime recharge on mtn, Awesome right? 

Mtn network provider is still one of the best network providers in Nigeria in times of Network Maintenance, Network Maximizing, etc. Seems they bring and update or upgrade to their network that makes them provide us with other ways of getting our line recharged with different code. I personally love the new method to Recharge Because the 12 digit pin has been reduced to 10, but a lot of people still don’t get the hang of it. 

Let’s check some stuff out. I will start with how you can recharge your line with the latest code. 

How To Recharge Your Line With New Mtn Recharge Code

A lot of people got really confused when MTN introduced this method, they try to load with the old methods but it wouldn’t work so they thought the recharge cards were not valid, they never knew then that it is the new pin. Here is the new method to recharge the 10 digit pin below. There is nothing hard there if you what to recharge your line with the new mtn recharge code just go to your phone dialer and dial *3551*Recharge pin# which is for Mtn 10 digit recharge codes or pin. 

It seems to be the new ways of recharging too that mtn just invited, now let see how to still make use of the old ways. 

How To Recharge Your Line With Old Mtn Recharge Code

Has you all know it’s the old way, to Recharge your line with the old mtn recharge code just go straight to your phone and dial *555*Recharge Pin# or *555*1*Recharge Pin# and send these is the old ways and the pin lasted to be 12 digit recharge pin or code. 

Hope you crap if you don’t ask your question or something that might be confusing you view the comments section. 

Now let’s move to the next way, which is about how you can get double or even four-time 4x of your recharge on your mtn line, sounds good? 

How To Recharge Your line With Mtn 4X Bonus Code

As you hear it 4x yea it is indeed you can get four of your recharge on your mtn line by using these recharge code prompt dial *888*Recharge pin# Then send Boom your line will be credited with 4X four times of your recharge. That is if you load N100 you will get N400 and if you load N200 you will Get N800 Awesome right. 

We move to the next thing which is code that will make you recharge your line straight forward from your bank account by requesting your own bank code or Authorized Bank Code the code work for any bank or any mtn line attached to any bank at all let see it. 

How To Recharge Your Line With Bank Recharge Code

To recharge your line with a bank code is quite easy just go straight to your phone and dial *904# it will lead you to some prompt page, the way to get your number or line recharge follow it to select the appropriate option to recharge your line. 

I hope all these codes work for you in case there are any updates or upgrades that affect any of the codes listed above. We won’t hesitate to update your view of these same posts. 

I think something is left behind, which is how you can check your balance when you get your line recharged by using any of the code that lasted above. 

Although all codes use the same ways to check your balance on your mtn line when you recharge with any of the codes including the one added these 2022 but only one quite seems to be in a different way which will be explained below. 

How To Check Your Balance On Mtn 

To check your balance on mtn dial *556# which is the normal method used in checking balance for other balances like bonus balance and data you can dial *559# or just dial 131 to check your data balance only. To check your 4X Bonus Balance or 4X Airtime balance when you use *888# ways to check the balance will be communicated to you after you have recharged the line. 

Final Say About New Mtn Recharge Code For 2022

Seems you now know different ways on how you can recharge your line with the latest or New and old Mtn Recharge code right, if you have any doubt or still don’t get some stuff kindly let us know about it don’t hesitate to share these article with your love once just my using the share buttons on these page if it was thoroughly helpful to you we will be grateful if you thoroughly did that. 

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