Ha Tunnel VPN: How To Activate Airtel 500MB On Hatunnel Plus VPN


In the absence of the airtel unlimited free browsing that was blocked most airtel users find it difficult to browse free, lol that sounds funny. Anyways still with the help of Ha tunnel VPN you will be able to browse using airtel with 500MB daily data capes that’s why this article is all about how to activate airtel 500MB on hatunnel VPN. 

Server VPN out their work with this 500MB or Airtel 600MB, you might be able to browse more than 500MB with this cheat but you should also known that this also work with stark VPN reloaded which you can check-out how it work or how you can activate the airtel 500MB on stark VPN reloaded

Requirements For The Ha tunnel Plus VPN Airtel 500MB Cheat

Download Hatunnel plus VPN from here

Get the airtel 500MB or 600MB file for a tunnel VPN here

Airtel sim with zero data or airtime  0.0k. 

Before you move forward you should know that the glo unlimited is also still working and blazing with VPN like stark VPN and hatunnel VPN plus follow the link attached to the words to get that done. 

How To Activate Airtel 500MB On Ha tunnel Plus Vpn

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the VPN open it and make sure you have downloaded the extension file. 

Import the hat file and edit if the file comes with another extension just by leaving it with the main extension that hat respectively. 

Airtel 500MB on Hatunnel VPN

Get more info about editing of the file here and also learn more about the VPN there. 

Once everything is set, import the VPN to the hatunnel VPN. 

Turn on your airtel data connection and wait for it to connect. 

After it connects, watch just 25 seconds ads and minimize the VPN. 

Note: it’s capped at just 500MB in some cases you can get to use more than 600MB in some cases. 


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