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Glo Reward Cash Token Promo – Win Phones, Vouchers & Free Airtime 

Glo Reward Cash Token Promo - Win Phones, Vouchers & Free Airtime 

Another promo is here for Glo users which is tagged the Glo reward cash token promo that can let you win phones, cash vouchers as well as free airtime or recharge airtime. 

But one thing about this new glo reward that has just been set out in 2024 is strictly for glo active subscribers. 

You should know what we mean by that if we talk about active subscribers. 

Glo uses that to refer to their customers or glo network users that have recharged at least 1,000 in a month. 

This is why this glo cashtoken reward is also det A-side to be recharge reward promo. 

So if you count yourself as a glo active user then you can perform this latest 2024 glo promo cash token that is free. 

We will explain to you in detail all that you need to know about the Glorward Cash token promo the kinds of cash prizes you will win or get and more. 

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Glo Reward Cash Token

If you call or refer to this as GloReward Cash Token we are still on the same patch. 

The Glo reward cash token is a promo set for Glo active subscribers as we mentioned earlier. 

The promo can help you or let you win some major smartphone and other cash prizes

But you need to be among the glo active users that have been recharging at least 1000 in a month or more. 

Glo Reward Cash Token

As it is stated people who recharge even more than 1,000 on their glo line monthly will stand a chance to win or get a higher reward. 

What Can I Win With The Glorewards Cash Token Promo

There are a lot of cash prizes that you can win from the glo reward cash token promo which is said that you will also be eligible for N8 cash back. 

That is once you have joined the promo challenge as a glo subscriber. 

Some of the things that as been set Aside for the glo cash token reward include:

Smartphones which include: Samsung A54 and A05.

Cash Vouchers Gift to 10,000 or more. 

Raffles draw a reward from 5,000 to 100 Million. 

As this are just the major prizes you can win which you might navigate to see less or even more once you join the campaign or promo contest. 

Glo Reward Cash Token Promo Requirements 

The Glorewards Cashtoken requirements are just for you to be an active Glo subscriber. 

That is you must have been recharging your line with at least 1,000 within a Month. 

Which should help me to be eligible for the promo or campaign. 

How To Be Eligible For Glo Cash Token Reward 

Make sure to recharge your Glo line with airtime daily or weekly which makes it reach the limit of 1000.

With a month to be eligible for the cash token reward that has been set out by Glo. 

How To Join Glo Reward CashToken Promo

For you to join or enroll for the Glo Cash toke reward promo all you need to do is to dial a code. 

The code you will dial is *301*8# and select from the option. 

The option available for people who wish to join the cash token promo is option 1.

Select the option and opt In then you can start recharging your glo line. 

How To Join Glo Reward CashToken Promo

You will get N8 cashback for every recharge you make after you’ve activated or joined the glo cashback promo. 

How To Redeem Your Reward 

This is the stage where you will withdraw your cash prizes to your local bank account if you win a cash token from the glo reward or promo. 

It is stated that the reward you win from the glo cash token promo will be added to your digital cashtoken wallet

You can redeem it by using it to purchase airtime, and data or withdraw it straight as money to your bank account. 

The code you can use to redeem the cash prizes you win is *6700# and select from the option. 

The option you will select is a reward wallet that should show you your reward balance. 

You can now determine how you can make use of the reward from there. 

Bottom Line

Which cash prize you were able to win from the gloreward cash token promo? Share with us using the comment section and share the kind experience you have when you involve yourself with this campaign. 

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