How To Download Restricted Apps From Google Play Store

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Mostly Especially to we Nigeria we are been restricted from using most of the app that was uploaded by some developer on Google play store no reason to that it might be because of the fraudulent ways of using stuff by we Nigeria that might lead to us been restricted from using most app. 

Nevertheless to me all problems as a solution, which leads us to the way on how you will be table to download any app from Google play store even if you are not eligible or your country is restricted from downloading the app. Don’t worry yea we mean no worries we have got a little trick or procedures that you will follow to be able to download and make use of the related app download and install from Google play store respectively.
So stick around with us till the end of these article. 

Most of  Surveys App are be restricted to other countries cause surveys programs usually been organised mostly to USA residents people you can witness one of it by trying to download a surveys app called Zap surveys App from here which we write about some days ago I said earlier even if you are from other country apart from Nigeria you can still make use of these trick it will work for you too let being but before we being I will like is to know more about Google play store. 

What Is Google Play Store 

In A simple Words Google Play is a service that is provided by Google LLC and 1600 Amphitheatre likewise with Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 USA that all. 

Google play store is one of the largest stores which most Android applications are been store by most android app developers all overall the word.  In the process of uploading the app some developers may restrict some countries from getting access to their app which seems not to be worried  of course  these article will clear out everything as in every single secret that we lead you to these ways on how you can make you of any of the app respectively. 

Let’s proceed to what brings us about these articles. 

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  • Strong Internet Connection Either 3G Or 4G
  • VPN That can be connected to Any Country (Premium VPN) Click here if you don’t have one
  • Get TweakNews VPN from our telegram channel Reccomend one
  • After getting the requirements then you can now switch to below method. 

How To Download Restricted App From My Country On Google Play Store

  1. Depends on your Mobile Device Go-to where you can locate the Google play store app on your phone.
  2. Long press the app (play store)  and click on App info.
  3. Click on Clear settings and Data from the App info settings. 
  4. Now Turn on your VPN And Switch to Any Country that are not restricted from using the respective App.
    Click Here to download TweakNews VPN one if the strong and recommend VPN Get it download from our telegram channel.
  5. After that open your Google play store Allow or Accept any permission that is might ask for.
  6. Then find the respective app that you what to download then you will see download option there as shown in the screenshot below. 

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