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You can still make use of the glo unlimited free browsing that was previously share some weeks ago but we different procedures and guidelines that will makes it work for you using a different VPN for the free browsing called Aitech VPN with the help of this VPN you will be able to make use of this free browsing but make sure you read this article to the end so as to grap some stuff and most important things you need to know about the free browsing. 

Related guide or procedures to make the glo unlimited free browsing has been shared on one of the VPN most people know about called Techoragon but does not work for most people now we move to still talk about it on another VPN Aitech VPN with different guidelines and procedures respectively. 

You should also know that this glo unlimited free browsing world with the DNS server which you know what we mean by that, and if you don’t know what we mean it’s not you might experience some slow browsing when your glo unlimited connect it’s also defer with network speed let’s look into. 

Requirements For The Glo Unlimited Free Browsing On Aitech VPN 

  • Firstly download Aitech VPN from here
  • Subscribe to glo night data plan or glo wtf just to make the glo browsing connection turned on. 
  • Also make sure you are making use of 4GB network connectivity. 
  • What’s else is to follow the guide below and make it step by step. 

How To Activate The Glo Unlimited Free Browsing On Aitech VPN

  • After you have subscribed to the data plan and you have downloaded the VPN from the link above. 
  • Open the VPN with a data connection and find the update tweak option. 
  • Update the VPN tweak after that go back to the main menu of the VPN. 
  • Find the VPN payload or tweak tap click on the and select from any of the Glo DNS tweaks. 
  • After that use. plus for the username and provide the code 1234 as your password. 
  • Now go ahead and turn on your glo data connection and connect to the VPN. 

The dns server also supports a premium package that’s why you have to provide the password and username before you can connect or gain access to connect to the VPN. 

Things To Note About Aitech VPN Glo Free Browsing 

  • The Glo Unlimited Free browsing came with DNs server which you might experience slow browsing when making use of it. 
  • Do this if your VPN connects but refuse to browse which entails by inputting some proxy and port. 
  • Go to the VPN settings and find the primary DNS option settings. 
  • Now input, on the primary VPN box and go back. 
Glo Unlimited Free Browsing On Aitech VPN
Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat On Aitech VPN

Now go ahead and connect to the VPN, then it should browse now. 

If it still fails to browse or fails to work just clear the VPN data again and follow all the procedures again and try it should work respectively. 

It’s work for you?  Let us know in the comments section. And get fast updates from our telegram channel


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