Glo Unlimited Free Browsing On Techoragon Prime Droid VPN

Here is another glo unlimited free browsing cheat via a VPN called techoragon prime droid VPN which is something you will like to know about it’s something that most people as been making use of which is also seems to be on DNS servers the glo unlimited need some strict procedures to follow before it’s can work for you. 

This glo unlimited free browsing is on DNS server which means it might not be as fast as the previous glo unlimited that was blocked so check before for requirements and procedures on how you can make your glo unlimited work on techoragon prime droid VPN respectively. 


  • Firstly Download The VPN From here Prime Droid vpn. 
  • Your glo sim should be on Glo Yakata plan use this code to migrate *211#.
  • A Glo night plan is need to subscribe to for just N100 use the code *777# to get that done. 
  • Make sure your network is on 4G network to get things stable then follow the below steps. 

How To Set-up Glo Unlimited Free Browsing On Techoragon Prime Droid VPN 

  • Once you’ve downloaded and installed the VPN to your device, open it. 
  • And make sure you update the tweak with an internet connection by following the pop up message. 
  • Then switch to the tweak or select the first button you see on the VPN menu. 
  • And select the option as PREMIUM CA GLO MODE 1 and proceed to the next option. 
  • The next button will be freeuser under the user option which will enable you to use the VPN for free. 
  • After that turn on your glo mobile data and click on connect. 
  • You can now keep browsing with the VPN DNS server. 

Note: The speed might be slow or different from 500Kb/s speed or you can upto 1mb/s speed. 

Glo Unlimited Free Browsing On Techoragon Prime Droid VPN

The VPN also has a premium service which you can subscribe to when you test and make use of the free users server just to get a better and better speed for the premium server on the techoragon prime VPN. 

Let us know in the comment section if it’s working for you and stay tuned on our telegram channel to get fast updates.


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