Airtel Uganda Free Browsing Cheat On Ha Tunnel VPN


Ha tunnel free browsing for Uganda now available but designed to provide you service on a specific ISP which called the airtel Uganda free browsing cheat on Ha tunnel VPN one of the noble VPN that is known to always provide free browsing and free internet service to almost all countries which also makes you anonymously now let’s into today’s topics. 

This cheat is tag Airtel Uganda cheat because it’s work for airtel users and not airtel user’s only but also people that leave or stay in Uganda and have internet access of airtel to help them browse with the help of the tunnel VPN called Hatunnel VPN or Ha tunnel Plus VPN. 

So if you are from Uganda and you are looking for airtel VPN then Ha tunnel now serves you something new just get the requirements and follow the steps below. 

Requirements For The Airtel Uganda Free Browsing On Ha Tunnel VPN 

  • Download the Ha tunnel VPN from play store or follow the link here to direct you to the page. 
  • Now download the config file which is tag the Hatunnel Airtel Uganda from here
  • Lastly make sure you have airtel network in your area in anywhere in Uganda respectively follow steps below to get things done. 

How To Activate The Airtel Uganda Free Browsing On Ha Tunnel VPN 

  1. Once you’ve Download The Ha tunnel VPN From play store or above link. 
  2. And you have gotten the Airtel Uganda Free Browsing Config file or configuration file from above link too. 
  3. Then install the VPN to your device and open it with a data connection just to update the VPN server. 
  4. After that find the VPN import button that is located at the top right Corner of the ha tunnel menu. 
  5. Click on the three dot menu and select the import/Export button after that located the config file on your download folder. 
  6. If the VPN fails to import or you can find it in your folder where you try to import just to your file manager. 
  7. And rename the config. Let it end with an extension named .hat and if you find any other extension on it like .txt. cancel it and live it with the appropriate one (.hat) 
  8. After that go back to import the tweak or config file back, once it’s import click start on the VPN. 
  9. Follow the procedures to add time to your VPN and if it’s failed to connect, turn on airplane mode on your device and off back. 
  10. Then go back and connect to the VPN to get your airtel Uganda free browsing connection on Ha tunnel plus VPN. 
Airtel Uganda Free Browsing Cheat On Ha Tunnel VPN

If you have any questions, state it in the comment section. And use the button below to join our telegram channel for fast updates. 



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  1. Ohh my ha tunnel plus vpn only connects wen i have data when data is off it disconnects . Am in uganda and using airtel uganda simcard…kindly help me out am on +256701816748

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