Mtn Night Plan: How To Subscribe To Mtn Night Sub

Mtn night plan

This heading of this article might seem like something old to you but don’t get it Twisted you will learn a new trick about the mtn night plan on this post. And note if you are one of the mtn subscribers that love to go for the mtn night sub then it will be better to look into this new 2021 process on how to subscribe for mtn night plan.


Mtn night bundle has been a bundle that has been saving most people’s ass at night that love to download heavy files like movies or other related files and they don’t have enough to get the bundle you will get to know about the mtn night bundle code here and how to make use of such code. 


Mtn Night Subscription 

Moreover this subscription is not normal mtn subscription that people do as the name implies mtn night subscription that is it’s for night and the data that you get from this plan or bundle can be used at night which when you get the mtn night data code you will get to know how to go about the process on how to do night sub on mtn. 


We raise something in above paragraph which entails mtn night data code is simply the code that you will use to do the mtn night sub which we are going to talk or discuss about soon to make things clarify to you all let’s get to the main point of this article


How To Subscribe For Mtn Night Plan

Before you can be able to subscribe for the mtn night plan you will need to know the mtn night bundle code which will lead you on ways to get the process on how to buy night plan mtn which we are about to talk about now. 


The mtn night code is *406# which you will need some process to get that done normally this code is for mtn pulse users which are used to migrate to the mtn pulse plan but now is also code for mtn night browsing which will explain folder more on how you can get things done yourself. 

Mtn night bundle

How To Buy Night Plan On Mtn 

  • Before you can be able to buy a night plan on mtn you will need to be a mtn pulse subscriber which entails your tariff plan must be mtn pulse tariff plan that you can use the mtn night bundle code to get that done which the code is already listed above. 
  • It’s just a single code that is used to carry out different kind of operation and it’s *406#. To learn how to do night plans, follow the process below. Mtn night bundle
  • Which entails dial the mtn night code and make sure or migrate to mtn pulse before you can do the  mtn night subscription. 
  • Select the first option to migrate to the plan which you will be charged 100 if you have just moved from one plan earlier but if you can do the process again for the past 1 month then you won’t be charged any amount when you carry out the operation which is migration to mtn pulse
  • Mtn night bundle code
  • Now to do night sub on mtn you will need to dial mtn night data code against which is *406# again and select the third option to buy mtn night plan which is now called mtn nightlife bundles in 2021 as of recent date. 
  • Once you get to the selection of the mtn night plan called nightlife bundle then you will be provided with another night plan option. Two options provided for the mtn night bundle. 
  • You can just go ahead and select from anyone you want which we have the one for 500MB and 250MB and the mtn night 500MB plan costs just N50 and the 250 cost N25 in order. 
  • By following the above process you have just learned how to buy night plan on Mtn with the latest 2021 method. 


How To Do Night Sub On Mtn 

This is just a question that is found on asking most time about the mtn night plan that’s why we chose to make an endings about it’s so as to clarify what people don’t know but you should know that what you mean by how to do night plan on mtn is also how to do night sub on mtn but people make use of different word which might seems confusing. 


Nevertheless the less that you need to know about the mtn night bundle has been stated above that you can just glance through and get to know what you need to know about the mtn night plan and others. 


We talk about this earlier that if you are fond of making use of mtn night plan everytime then this article is for you and it will be better for you to know and get updates about the mtn night subscription and how it’s works nowadays. 


Before on the mtn night subscription page when you dial the mtn night bundle code you will get an option for the night plan straight forward but now it’s now called mtn nightlife which might seem like something confusing to some people that’s why we are making the clarification now so as to make people know what they don’t know about this. 


Also before you can use more data on the night plan which as now be reduced to 2GB that is you will just to get use 2GB limited data when you subscribe to the night plan either the 500MB night plan or 250MB night plan repetitive and the N50 which is 500MB will makes you to just be done 4 time that will makes you end at 2GB mtn night bundle plan. 


And the N25 mtn night plan will make you engage in an 8 times subscription which will give you also 2GB night bundle to be used when you get the mtn night subscription done yourself. 


New Mtn Night Plan Validity 

Validity simply mean time when the data will be eligible for usage and when it’s will end which it’s as already stated on the mtn night subscription page that it’s valid from 11pm to 6am which you can start using the plan from 11am at night and you won’t be able to make use of the mtn night data against once it’s 6am respectively. 

How To Check The Mtn Night Subscription Plan Balance 

You can still use the same mtn night bundle code to check your mtn night plan balance by following below steps:

  • Dial the night plan code *406# and select the plan mtn nightlife bundle section. 
  • Once you have been redirected to the next page on the night bundle page. 
  • Select the third option stated as balance by pressing 3 on the button and send. 
  • After you send it, you will be provided with your mtn night plan balance and it will also be listed in the form of a message if you don’t have any data left. 
  • Which says that you can dial *131*1# to check for an affordable data plan. 
  • That’s just how you can check your night plan data balance on mtn. 


I hope  you’ve grab something new about this mtn night plan? 



This article I just and update about the mtn night bundle that I will learn about early, is more-or-less not created to educate you but just to educate you more about the plan and let you know something new about the bundle which is specifically designed for mtn users only. So go through it completely and grab some new knowledge and tricks about the plan and enjoy using it at your own test. 


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