How To Set up Apple Watch 2021 Apple Watch Setup guide

How to setup apple watch 2021

To our apple phone or iOS users that have an apple watch with them and might think it does not need any set-up once you get your apple watch. Sorry the answer is no because you will still need to go through settings once you get your watch. That is why you have to know how to set up Apple Watch on your iPhone or iOS devices.


The Apple Watch device needs to be set up before you can start using it to receive twitter notification, talk or chat with Siri and others which is what we are about to deal with in this article. Apple watch setup 2021 complete guide. 


How To Set up Apple Watch

The apple watch setup might be a pointless guide anyways, just put it in mind that you have to get your apple phone or iphone fully charged before you proceed to the setup we are about to share with you. 


To have and see some latest features on both your apple watch then make sure you have updated your iOS version to the latest version both on the watch and iphone. 

How to set up apple watch

And also make sure your apple watch is fully charged too which is also recommended for both device should be close to each other so as to make the synchronization of both devices fast without any landing it’s make it’s fast. 


Complete Guide To Setup Apple Watch

  • As said earlier make sure your iPhone is fully charged after that has been confirmed. 
  • Goto your apple watch apple which can also be downloaded from the app store. 
  • You can download it if it’s not present on your phone or it’s been deleted from your phone. 
  • Make sure your phone Bluetooth and WiFi is turned on with the latest iOS version. 
  • On the apple watch apple select the option for Start pairing on the watch, 
  • The direct your iPhone camera to the blue interface located on the apple watch. 
  • Which mean they are bonded now, the process too can also be carryout manually by following the process. 
  • Click on the I button or icon appear on your apple watch and provide the code that appears on your iPhone. 
  • The apple watch is now connected to the iPhone which you will find a new apple watch app on your phone for further set up of the watch. 
  • Open the new apple and continue with the setup which entails that you will be wearing the watch on your right or left hand. 
  • Follow by the imputation of your apple watch login details ( ID and password). 

And some other setup will come up like a setup for siri, location and others which you can set up to your own test. 

Apple watch set up

Other Apple Watch Setup 

Some other setup can be done on the apple watch once the watch has completely synchronized with your phone that will later pop out some apps that are supported with the watch. 

Not all app are supported to be used on the watch which some set-up can still be done by adding some does app manually by yourself without waiting for the complete synchronization that takes or might take a long time to finish.


Some other setup that you might need to look into which the watch will always try to catch your attention by telling you sometimes to stand up. 


And also calculate how much time you have to work around even if you have slept a lot or laid down too much. It might prompt you to get up. 


Some other setup which you will later notice when you play around with the app settings. 


Note: if any changes are carried out between your device and your watch you will be prompted to generate a new passcode to secure your device well for you. 


Video Guide 



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