Latest Method On How To Transfer Data On Airtel


Airtel has been doing a lot of upgrades on there server recently, which brings about updates from launching there app called my airtel app that was attached with an offer that when you register on the app you get 1GB free data, that might also lead to another method on how to transfer data on airtel on airtel network provider server.

The old method on how to transfer data on airtel is quite stressful to me, because the new method is easy and straightforward. We are going to discuss both of the methods and know which of them is quite easy and straightforward. 

How To Transfer Data On Airtel Old Method 

  1. Go to your phone and dial the following code *141# .
  2. Latest Method On How To Transfer Data On Airtel
  3. You will be provided with a page full of different options. 
  4. Select option six 6 which is for Data Gifting and sharing. 
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  6. After selection, since we are sharing data and not gifting data. 
  7. We go for the option of Data Me2u Select Number 4 or option 4 four. 
  8. Now we have to change our pin from default to current user pin. 
  9. Select the first option to do that Option one (1).
  10. how to transfer data on airtel
  11. After selection you will be asked to provide the old pin which is the default pin “1234“.
  12. Input the pin and input your new pin, that is the pin that you will like to use and must be a four digit number. 
  13. Example I make use of 2244 for my pin. 
  14. You will be asked to re-enter the pin again and you have successfully created your airtel data transfer pin. 
  15. Now go back to the Data me2u option page again and select the option for. 
  16. Share data from existing allowance. 
  17. Input the amount of data you want to share, the registry number you want to share data to and your pin. 

That’s the old method we use to transfer data on airtel, the new method  on how to transfer data on airtel is the 2021 method that was just introduced that’s why we chose to write about it. 

Although the old method still works if you wish to make use of it, this 2021 method is quite easy and straightforward as we said earlier. 

How To Transfer Data On Airtel 2021 New Method 

  1. Switch to your phone dial pad and dial the code *432#
  2. how to transfer data on airtel
  3. A page will be prompt to you listing the. 
  4. how to transfer data on airtel
  5. Airtel to Airtel data transfer. Airtel to another network data transfer. Gift data bundle, Pin management. Info and help.
  6. You can select any of the options you want but our own aim is to transfer data to airtel sim only. 
  7. If you do not have a transfer pin before you can switch to pin management option to set your transfer pin. 
  8. If you need more information about how the data transfer charges and other services are done you can switch to Info tab or option. 
  9. In case you want some help about how you can transfer, share or gift data you can select the option for Help which is the last option. 
  10. For you to transfer airtime with the code select option one 1 and transfer airtime to the person by. 
  11. Providing the airtel number, amount and pin. 
  12. Data gifting option too is located there. You can play with the option and know how to make use of it. 

So let us know which of the methods is easy and straightforward? 

Is it the old method or the 2021 New method? 

Kindly make use of the comments box to lay down the answer to our questions, join the telegram channel for fast and speed updates on our latest post. 

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