How To Get Airtel 2GB For N200 – Airtel Night Plan


To our review and search we’ve discovered that most people love to browse mostly with airtel night plan which is one of the best night plan free browsing to us out of all, but sorry don’t prove us rough if you know anyone which is much more better then airtel night sub you should specify view the comments section. What we have for you now is how you can get airtel night plan 2GB for N200 seems cheap right?  We will know soon. 


Numerous people save their time evening period and have some little rest just because they what to do night plan sub which airtel has made it easy and affordable for us to do, is either they don’t feel like wasting their precious data in the day time to download some heavy files online or just to stream some movie either of the two, yes we still got you cover let’s get to where are leading to on this article. 


We actually made several articles on different ways in which you can get your normal airtel night plan activated which would like you to check it out view this link before you proceed further on this post so that you will know where and when to land on. 

Requirements for the airtel 2GB Night Plan Sub

  • Airtel sim should be inserted on a mobile phone. 
  • An Airtel airtime of 200 should be loaded on the sim. 
  • And a strong internet connection just to stream high and download heavy after the plan has been activated. 


Now let’s move to the main part. 


How To Activate Airtel 2GB For N200 Airtel Night Sub

  1. After you have loaded the airtime on your line. 
  2. Goto your phone and dial the following code. 
  3. *312# which you will see the option of a smart tyre plan. 
  4. Activate the plan on your line then. 
  5. Go back to dial the code  again *312# now. 
  6. How To Get Airtel 2GB For N200 - Airtel Night Plan
  7. Select the option for Night plan which you will be charge N25 For 250MB data plan. 
  8. Yes go for the sub and do the next thing. 
  9. Start browsing with that subscription which is the airtel Night plan. 
  10. After you have finished the 250MB go ahead and follow the same steps. 
  11. By subscribing to the night plan again another 25MB will be deducted. 
  12. That’s just it, one you do that for 8 times in total you made use of 2GB data all together that just the simple trick about this. Yes the airtel night sub can simply be accumulated that is why we call it to be a best alternative night plan browsing data plan so far. 


We still indicate that if you know a better and best Night plan apart from airtel night sub or plan you should let us know view the comments section enjoy your night browsing and don’t forget to join our telegram channel for more related posts. 


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