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Mtn South Africa 1GB Daily Free Browsing Using Ha Tunnel plus VPN 2023 

Mtn South Africa 1GB Daily Free Browsing Using Ha Tunnel plus VPN 2023

Here is another fresh and latest free browsing 2023 for South African people that make use of mtn with the help of hatunnel VPN that most people know about which we now have mtn South Africa 1GB daily free browsing in 2023 using Ha Tunnel Plus VPN. 

If you know about ha tunnel before this free browsing we are about to bring it to your notice that should not South like something new to you, you should be able to browse freely with the data capes of 1GB on a daily basis if you were able to lay down the methods well. 

Mtn South Free Browsing 2023 (1GB Daily) 

This is called the mtn South Africa free browsing 2023 because is one of the latest ways that you can use to browse for free on your mtn line which you will get to use upto 1GB of data on a daily basis. 

With the help of ha tunnel plus VPN and some tunnel Config or configuration files that have been generated by Hatunnel officials, you should be able to get things done with much talk. 

You will learn how you can connect your mtn South Africa with the tunnel VPN and start browsing freely once you follow the steps we are about to share with you below. 

How To Setup The Mtn South Africa 1GB Daily Free Browsing Using Ha Tunnel VPN

  • First download the Ha Tunnel plus VPN which is available on the Google play store. 
  • Then you will need to download the mtn 1GB daily config file which can be gotten from ha tunnel channel or downloaded from here
  • After you download the file click on import the file by selecting ha tunnel VPN from the option. 
  • Alternatively open your ha tunnel plus VPN, Tick on the custom setup button. 
  • The toggle is on, Then click on the three-dot button located at the top right corner of the app. 
  • Select Import/Export, click on import, and locate the file you just finished downloading. 
  • Import it, now turn on your mtn South Africa data connection with any data. 
  • Then click on connect on ha tunnel which should connect within some minutes. 
  • You should now be enjoying your mtn 1GB daily free browsing. 

Once you finish 1GB or exhaust it you will need to wait for the next 24 hours or the next day to make use of another 1GB. 

Other Things You Need To Know About The Mtn South Africa Free Browsing 2023

Do you seriously consider free browsing that has been terminated by the tunnel VPN called Ha Tunnel Plus VPN

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Which is available for South African users only which is why it is being tagged as MTN South Africa free browsing. 

You will get to make use of 1GB I’m out of data on a daily basis if it actually works for you. 

As we did please share and bring you notice on different kinds of information we are not involved in any kind of producing free browsing. 

These are mostly done to bring notice or let the ISPs know about some loopholes that are available in the network. 

Since it’s free browsing is not something that you can make use of forever for it can stop at any moment. 

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