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How To Activate Mtn Night Plan 1.5GB For 150 And Mtn Night Plan 2GB For 200 In 2023

We’ve talked about how you can activate your airtel night plan 2GB for N200 which seems to be related to this article but it’s different. Because we will actually explain to you how you can get mtn night plan of 1.5GB for 150 and an Mtn Night plan of 2GB for 200 which are two different things and it involve two ways to run the activation in 2023 because we have been using late last year methods to activate our night plan on mtn.

Before we go further we will like you to go ahead and check out our previous post on Both Mtn night plan and Airtel Night plan so that you can know where this article we lead you to, that is to grab some out of what we are about to explain to you right away. 

This is not a free browsing cheat nor just a free browsing trick that we are about to share with you view mtn night trick tips. But before we go further you should all know that mtn night plans are categorized and can be activated in two different ways which are mtn night plan of 250MB for N25 and Mtn Night Plan of 500MB for N50. Yes, that make this different you can now get your mtn night plan 1.5GB for 150 and Mtn Night plan 2GB for 200 let’s check it out. 

Latest Method On Activate Mtn Night Plan In 2023

(Mtn Night Plan 1.5GB And Mtn Night Plan 2GB)

  1. Go to your phone and dial the following code. 
  2. The mtn Night plan code and the mtn pulse code. 
  3. *406# then select option 3 three which is for the Nightlife plan. 
  4. Mtn night plan 2020 code
  5. After that you will be left with the option 250MB for 25 And 500MB for 50.
  6. Mtn night plan 1.5GB
  7. Our target is the 500MB plan which will make us achieve what  we want. 
  8. Mtn night plan 2GB
  9. Now go ahead and subscribe to the plan mtn night plan 500MB for N50.
  10. Then start making use of it after you finish the data. 
  11. Go-ahead and subscribe to the plan again and again. 
  12. Which makes its 3 time lead to mtn night plan 1.5GB for 150 and approximately 4 times mtn night plan 2GB for 200.

That’s all about that. It’s just the news features that mtn just add to there night plan that make them call. It’s Nightlife plan and it’s only eligible for does that are on Mtn pulse tariff plan it’s actually the 2023 mtn night plan subscription method which we add little tricks to, awesome right?. 

How To Check Mtn Night Plan Balance In 2023

  • To check your mtn night plan balance either for the 250MB or 500MB and for the 1.5GB or 2GB. 
  • Kindly use the following steps to check your night plan data balance. 
  • Dial the code *406# and make a selection on option  3 after that. 
  • Make a selection on option 3 again again and you will see your mtn night plan data balance smiling at you. 

We wish to drop our pen here. Hope this article is useful to you. 

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