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Airtel Night Plan: How To Subscribe To The Cheapest Data Plan 100 for 1.5GB (Update 2023)

Airtel Night Plan

We’ve made such an article about the Airtel night plan in 2023 before which you can check out in some of the previous posts but since you will like to know more about this particular data plan if you have one that is looking for affordable data bundle or cheap data plan to browse using your airtel network or if you’re one that makes use of airtel how’s your internet service provider and you wish to know more about their night plan then this article is actually for you. 

This article will give intensive knowledge about everything which you need to know on the Airtel night plan that will expose you to how you can get the code and more without having to gain a migration to any related Airtel tariff plan like smart trybe you cannot be able to get cheap and affordable airtel midnight plan that you can use for browsing in an affordable rate. 

Airtel night plan

As the name of the plan intense is a data plan or internet service plan that is provided for it uses to make use of midnight that rain from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. or 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. respectively the airtel night plan is what some other Nigeria called the airtel midnight plan. 

This plan is specifically organized and distributed to its users by Airtel we can make it so customers browse at an affordable or cheap rate compared to their regular data plan so if you have one that always makes use of your internet connection during the midnight hours then it’s recommended for you to go for this plan or bundle. 

According to the name that is stuck to it it is specifically designed for users to make use of midnight as you said earlier but it has been noted by airtel that its users will need a migration to a plan or tariff plan that is called airtel smart trybe. 

Airtel Smart trybe migration process

In this section, you are going to learn how to migrate to the airtel Smart trybe which allows you to make use of and also be eligible to make use of the airtel night plan during midnight. 

  • You can make great to the smarttrybe by dialing the code *312#.
  • Are you replying to the auction as one we are now? You are getting a welcome message from airtel stating that you have just migrated to a new tariff plan. 
  • You can also make use of this code *312*1# so as to make great straightforward to this particular plan. 

Some of these goals that you mentioned above are part of the code that is called The airtel Night plan code. It’s something you should put behind your mind if you’re one that we used to make use of this particular plan at midnight. 

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Airtel night plan subscription process

In this particular section, you are going to learn how you can subscribe to the airtel night plan which will explain in detail actual ways how to subscribe to the airtel night plan using the code. 

If you are searching for ways how you can subscribe to the cheap airtel midnight data plan then this leads you to the way. 

After you have migrated to the smart trybe tariff plan then you can just go ahead to dia the code. 

Dial *312*3# trigger you to see the options that are available for the midnight plan that is designed by Airtel. 

Some of the plans or options that will be given for this plan are:

  • The airtel night plan 25 for 500MB. 
  • 200 for 1.5 GB and so on and so forth.

which can be done using different kinds of cold and procedural that you can follow below. 

Airtel night plan 500MB and 1.5GB

Airtel designed this particular night plan to be purchased with 25 nairas loaded on your airtel line so once you are eligible to get 500MB for your night plan then you can use the following code. 

  • Dial *312# wiki we need to reply to the option by typing 3.
  • Then select from the list and reply with one so as to subscribe to this particular night plan. 
  • For the 1.5GB, we need 300 Naira airtime so as to get it done which can be done by using the airtel night plan code that is stated below. 
  • Use the cod  *312# then you can now select option 3 and reply with 2.
  • Which will eligible you to get the airtel 1.5 GB for 200 once you tap on the send button. 

After you follow up the process as it was stated above and you have the airtime on your airtel line either 25 or 200 then you should receive a successful message stating that you have successfully subscribed to this airtel midnight plan.

When to start using the airtel night plan (time) 

As we made mentioned above earlier, the time that is dated for the airtel night plan or midnight plan to start working is 12 am and it will stop working at 5 am sharp. 

Which gives you an interval of 5 hours to make use of your midnight data plan. 

How to check airtel night plan data balance

For you to check your airtel night plan data balance we recommend you download and install my airtel app

Because there is no official code that you can use to check the airtel night plan data balance but once you download and install this app you can get a notice of full details about the amount of data that you are having which might state the midnight plan also. 

But still, if that does not work for you then you can just go ahead to make settings on your device under data usage using the data limit settings on your phone so as to know the amount of data that you are making use of. 

This can be done by just going into your phone settings and locating the settings option that is stated as data usage. 

Under that, you said you cannot go ahead to set your data limit from 50MB upward. 

So once you start making use of the airtel midnight plan he will be triggered by the amount of that that you have used once it’s rich 50MB and more. 

Airtel data plan subscription code

The general subscription code that can be used for the airtel data plan is *141#, if you want to check if you have some related offer that will give you a cheap and affordable data plan then you can just use it. 

You can make use of *141*241#, and some other related code is *141*242#, which digital code is stipulated for you to get the best airtel cheap data plan. 

These are some of the clothes that you can use for cheap airtel data plans. 

How to check airtel data balance

The general code that is being used to check the airtel data plan balance is *140#, if you want to die the gold you will be triggered with a message that you will receive an SMS that will send you the record of the amount of data you are having on your airtel line. 

In some cases, at midnight you might have finished or would have finished the previous airtel midnight plan that you just did and you reach to do another one then you will need to renew it which you can follow below process or steps that will help you to renew your midnight data plan. 

How to renew the airtel night plan or airtel midnight plan

You can use in a process that we state and both or split above using the same airtel night plan code *312#, which will trigger you to the next step to be done all stated above. 

In some cases you might have subscribed to the night plan already and your airtel line is used to browse after you follow the whole terms and conditions then you need to get it fixed you can learn and you can fix this below. 

How to fix the airtel night plan not working

Before you think of fixing your airtel night plan that is not working you need to have something in the back of your mind that you will need to check which are part of the terms and condition that is guiding this plan. 

So we like you to go ahead to look into them by:

  1. Making sure that you have subscribed to the airtel night plan. 
  2. Migration of the plan that will trigger the night plan has been put into place ( airtel smarttrybe) 
  3. A stipulated amount of airtime is available on your airtel line so as to make the subscription successful. 
  4. Making sure that your sim is active I’m ready to browse using the airtel internet service provider. 
  5. Well configured internet service is put into place. 

Just try to go ahead and check all this that we provide above and make sure that you have configured your access point the way it’s supposed to be using the airtel access point name (APN). 

The settings can be done under your mobile network, go into settings access point settings and use the general airtel access point name ( to make your connection go through. 

Airtel midnight plan

Is put in place then you cannot go ahead to make a reboot of your device so as to make everything balance. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) 

Can the airtel night plan be used during the daytime?

Specifically, the plan is not a program to be used in the daytime so the answer to this question is No, you can’t make use of such data plan airtel night plan in the daytime it can only work at midnight which makes it to be tagged as a midnight browsing plan. 

Final say

This article is designed to provide you with everything you need to know about the airtel midnight browsing plan which triggers some related keywords that target the airtel night plan. 

So try to make use of it. It is specifically designed majorly for educational purposes. 

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