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How To Get Airtel 1GB For N200 2023 Eligible To All Airtel Customers

Airtel 1GB for N200

Lately it’s as been somehow hard and thoughtful of getting affordable and cheap data plan mostly on Airtel which we treat about some ways of getting Airtel 500MB for some token amount which is to be one of the best affordable Airtel data plan as of then now we brought about at alternative to the Airtel 500MB this seems to be more affordable that is way of activating Airtel 1GB for 200 yes with just N200 you will get airtel 1GB in 2023 seems strange right don’t worry you will know about that soon.

We also go about treating some tweak and tricks which you can use to get mtn cheap and affordable data plan that range from getting mtn 1GB for 200 too and also getting mtn 1.5GB for 300 and more unlike the plan that they just added to there plan too somehow awesome too lol like getting mtn 50MB for N5 and also Mtn 200MB for N50 lol seems to be part of the most affordable plan on mtn but now we are talking airtel data plan which is cheap and we are about to talk about it now. 

This plan are seems to be cheap and affordable which all airtel subscribers or customers are eligible for the plan airtel users worldwide and the plan is free but after we get the plan we use some VPN settings to power the data up to get full access to it’s let’s get to know something’s work on it. 

Requirements To Get And Use Airtel 1GB For 200

  • Airtel Airtime worth of N200.
  • An Airtel sim should be a registered and active one. 
  • Download Anonytun VPN will be used to power up our data. 
  • The airtel sim should be a 3G or 4G sim Respectively. 
  • And follow the latest step 2023 procedure below. 

We will actually stated the step on how you can activate the airtel data on theory aspect which will be stated below but most people seems to like video tutorial about anything which we will pick interest to make video tutorial on how you can get the airtel 1GB working only if we see some reaction about our YouTube channel that is more subscribers on our channel so use the button below to subscribe to our youtube channel so that you can get a video tutorial of the tweak we are about to lay down the theory aspect. 


How To Activate Airtel 1GB For N200 In 2023

  1. Once you’ve gotten the airtel airtime worth of 200.
  2. Load it to any of your airtel lines. 
  3. And dial the following code. 
  4. *688# Once you dial the code you will be asked to subscribe to an airtel plan of 100 worth of 700MB plus. 
  5. Go ahead and do the subscription after it’s successful. 
  6. Now radial the code again *688# subscribe to the N100.
  7. Then 200 will be deducted from your account respectively white gives you Airtel 1GB data plus.
    Airtel 1GB for N200

What else is to know how you can make the data work for all your app and start browsing with it,  as we said earlier we will be using a VPN called Anonytun which we made mention that you should download it earlier you can get the VPN from play store

How To Power-up Airtel 1GB For 200 With VPN

  1. After you have downloaded the VPN we mentioned we made an anonytun VPN
  2. Open the VPN at the top right Corner of the VPN app you will see a write up. 
  3. Stealth settings, click on it and you will have some settings as below.
    Airtel 1GB for 200 On Anonytun VPN 2020
  4. Stealth tunnels should be turned on and input the settings as shown below. Anonytun VPN settings for Airtel 1GB data plan
  5. Connection protocol should be SSL that can be selected on the dropdown menu.
  6. And the connection port should be 4443 respectively. 
  7. Now scroll down and find the following option Advance SSL settings.
  8. Enable the setting view toggle button and Click on Edit SSL setting
  9. On the SSL settings page make sure you tick these two options Spoof SNI Host And Spoof Host:Port Should be tick. How to activate Airtel 1GB for 200
  10. Your Spoof Host Should be and Spoof port should be 443.
  11. Then click on save and click on save on the next page again. 
  12. Now turn on your data network connection and hit the connect button on the VPN main menu option bar. 
  13. Wait for some minutes and it will connect then you can start browsing with your airtel 1GB data. 

What else are we left behind with or to connect and share the data connected with your pc or other phone device? 

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That kinda goes easy . You just need to follow the steps here on how to share VPN connections with other devices and you are good to go. 

Were you able to subscribe to the Airtel 1GB data for 200?
Does the VPN connect for you? Or
Were you able to gain connection to the VPN? 

Answer all questions in the comments section and also join our telegram channel to get fast updates on all our latest posts. 

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