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Mtn Accumulation Of 50MB From Opera Mini Browser

mtn 50mb on opera mini browser

Some week ago Mtn partnered with Opera which implies bring to us and
opera users these great offer of getting free 50MB
like I said Mtn partner with opera or let say opera partner with mtn to bring much more user’s to the usage of there app (Opera mini browser App)


These offer is redeem to any user that have access to the opera mini browser app with there Mtn Data connection turn on.
Seems Smartphone user’s is eligible for the offer only,Because your data will be
activated as soon as you open your opera mini browser app and turn your mtn data connection.


The 50MB that will be redeem to you work on only
opera mini browser app to browse on the same app
likewise There no any VPN yet that can power up these data
on your smartphone if there is any we will let you know.


These Seems to be a great achievement cause we’ve landed with a way on
how you will bypass the offer limitation and
browse and download in an unlimited ways with your opera mini browser.

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Note: No Vpn is Needed to power up the data likewise you can only use the data on your opera mini browser app (Mtn Free 50MB)


How To Activate MTN 50MB On Opera Mini Browser

Since MTN as partnership with Opera Company which make the process of the 50mb daily data activation easy and
the most of all easiest So you don’t need to carry out any hard process in the activation process of the 50mb.

Opera company seems to bring much more users to there app with the offer that was attached to there app (Mtn Free 50MB)

Doesn’t matters either you are mtn active user or not Or you are
Opera mini active user or not the data is free for every Mtn users
so definitely it will be redeem to you
all you just of to do is to have opera mini browser app on your mobile specifically smartphone.

Activation Of Mtn 50MB On Opera mini Browser

As we said earlier the process is simple the only thing you need is to get
MTN sim that is not with any activate data plan or
no data plan is activated on it after that you just have to
start browsing for free on on your Opera Mini Browser App.

To know if your data (Mtn 50MB) have been activated you will have to get a message as shown in the screenshot below:

Mtn 50mb


Or likely Something like these write up below (Notification Message of your Mtn 50MB from Opera)

“Dear customer, your browsing session is sponsored by opera to tune of 50mb daily“

Process To Bypass MTN 50MB Opera Mini Daily Data limit

In these aspect I will lead you through the way on how you will
by-pass the limitation of the data,  that is get you free 50MB
more than once on your Opera mini browser app.

it was attached to the terms of the offer that every user is eligible to get the 50MB once everyday.


But we’ve find a way to go against that by finding a way get the offer more then once that likely unlimited ways and you will browse unlimited on your opera mini browser app with your Mtn line (Sim).

How to by-pass Mtn 50MB daily Limited on Opera mini

  • After you have gotten the First 50MB,You have to exhaust it,
    That is finished all the 50MB data was redeem to you on your browser the go to the next step by turning off your data connection.
  • Then go to Settings on your Opera Mini App Select or Click on “Clear Browsing Data”
    Check or select clear cookie and data then click on OK after you might have finish with the process turn ON your data connection back.
  • A pop up message will be send to you like that of the one you got doing the first process activation.
  • Keep repeating the same process as stated above to accumulate more data anytime you finish or Exhaust your 50MB.


Awesome or not?  let know view the comments box and try to join our telegram channel.

Likewise if you are facing any issues doing the process kindly state it view the comment box and wait for instant reply, yea always revisit for more related updates.

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