How To Activate Mtn Double Data On Your Mtn Sim 2022

Mtn double data offer

If you don’t know about mtn doubt data you should know about it now in such a way that you purchase mtn data of 1GB and will let you get 2GB, when you purchase mtn 4.5GB data of 2000 you will get 9GB data which can be gotten from any data plan you purchase when you use the code *131# To purchase your mtn data bundle we are about to share some simple tricks that will help you activate the mtn double data offer on your mtn sim in 2022 so read the article to the end so as to get the full gist. 

Some mtn sim is already programmed to get the mtn double data to offer and some are not, if your sim is part of the one that doesn’t get the offer this article is for you that will help you to get your own offer in some respective ways and process mtn double that is real and available already to some Sims. 

The offer is somehow tagged to be a data offer for me which you can slide to when you dial *121# not all data are allowed to be purchased with the offer but once you were able to activate this one then you can keep doing the offer for up to three months. 

Requirements For The Mtn Double Data Tricks 

  • Get your mtn 4G sim ready. 
  • A phone that is programmed to serve a 3G network only is needed. 
  • Then your main phone should be 4G with the same sim you would like to activate the double data on. 

Note: this is just a trick read to the end and if it doesn’t work for you or if you don’t have the requirements then move on and stay tuned for more related tricks and tips. 

How To Activate Mtn Double Data On Your Mtn Sim In 2021

  1. Once you get the 3G-enabled device to insert the sim you would like to activate the mtn double data on. 
  2. The 3G phone must be an old one then turn on the phone data connection and leave it for some minutes. 
  3. After that, remove the sim back and insert it into your 4G enable device again and turn on your data connection. 
  4. Instantly you should receive a message from mtn stating that you are qualified for the mtn double data offer that is valid for 3 months. 
  5. That’s all just subscribe to any plan using *131# and any data you purchase will be doubled. 
  6. Like when you purchase 10GB you will be given a 20GB amount of data versus a vessel. 

Let us know in the comments section if it works for you and if your experience with it will help some people to answer some questions.


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