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Mtn Double Data Plan 2023 (24GB, 40GB, & More) 

Mtn double data 2023

People still struggle for subscriptions on their major network provider which is why most people look for MTN double data plan 2023 which is another major way that can help you sustain your data plan or data subscription. 

The major purpose that made us come about this article is that our inside has been brought to some all the MTN double data plans which you can get 24 GB and 40GB or more. 

Which is being tagged as MTN double data. It’s not a cheat, it is a data plan that you can get for 3500 and 5,500.

But there are also some major doubles that you can do which can give you a double of data that you wish to subscribe to which we are going to look into one after the other. 

About Mtn Double Data

The MTN double data is not a new thing that has been in existence for quite a long time. It is such a way that can help you double the amount of data that you wish to purchase on your network provider called MTN. 

MTN is the internet service provider that also provides people with major data subscriptions that the customer can subscribe to which some other offer might attach to it like the double data offer. 

So if you hear anything related to any kind of data you should know that once you are granted this particular offer and you subscribe to any data plan like 2GB you should be expecting another data as a bonus 2GB. 

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So that is just what you need to know about something related to MTN double data but we are still talking about MTN double data plan. 

The double data plan can be referred to as a plan that you can do or subscribe to on your MTN SIM the plan is designed to give you double data. 

What is more or less like an offer that MTN designed for their major customer or active customer nowadays is something also related to data offer for me or data4me which most people have known about back-to-back in the previous year. 

So we are just going to look into the 2023 version of the MTN double data plan respectively. 

How you can check if you are granted a double data plan, how you can subscribe to the plan, and how you can activate it on your MTN SIM or network is what we should be showing you right now. 

How To Get The Mtn Double Data 2023

The first thing you need to do before you can think of subscribing to any double data is to check if you have been granted this double data. 

So for you to know how to get the MTN double data just dial a code. 

The code has been specially designed to show you the kind of offer that has been designed for you so that it will provide you with double the amount of data that you wish to purchase. 

Once you dial *131*9# you will be provided with the list of offer that is programmed with your SIM after you switch to the menu Data4Me

You can also refer to this offer as a Top deal from MTN. 

You will provide a baby list of offers that are designed for your SIM that is just how to get your own MTN double data in 2023.

How To Subscribe to My Mtn Double Data Offer

The double data offer is what is known as the MTN double data plan which is the new process to check your own in 2023 has been stated above. 

All you need to do to subscribe to this particular data offer from MTN which is tag MTN double data is to still dial the code. 

  1. Dial *131*9# and select from the option the one named Data4Me or Top Deals. 
  2. That should provide you with the list of data that you will get as a double once you subscribe to them. 
  3. For Example, you can get 20GB + 20GB Bonus in total 40GB for 5000.
  4. And 12GB + an Extra 12 GB as a bonus will give you 24GB for 3500.
  5. But it also stated that the kind of offer that you will find in this section can be determined by MTN. 
  6. You can get a higher related type of offer or a lower related type of offer that is programmed to be an MTN double data plan. 
  7. So once you select from the list you should have purchased airtime or load airtime on your line before you carry out this process. 
  8. After you select your favorite double data plan then you will be asked to activate the plan on your line or SIM. 
  9. Select from the option if you follow the terms and conditions by having the appropriate airtime on your MTN line. 
  10. Then you should see a successful message that the plan has been activated on your network. 

This is more or less like the process that you can use to subscribe to the MTN double data plan in 2023 using the USSD code mtn double date code. 

So would you like me to also show you all the processes that can be used to subscribe or check this latest MTN double data plan using my MTNapp. 

Data offer Graphis Display (TopDeals/Data4Me)

How To Activate Mtn Double Data Using MyMtn App

  1. You should have installed my MTN app on your phone before which can be gotten either from Play Store or the app store. 
  2. After that is when you will need to sign into the app using your MTN phone number directory to provide your phone number. 
  3. You’ll be asking for the OTP or verification code that is sent to the number. 
  4. Provide it then you will be granted access to your dashboard on the myMTN app. 
  5. What you need to do now is to click on the button you find tagged as Mega Deal. 
  6. It provided an icon the form of a black related icon with the word Mega Deal On it. 
  7. Once you click on it you are provided with a list of different kinds of offers that MTN has provided for you. 
  8. That it also follows up with the amount of MTN double data design for your SIM. 
  9. You can now select from the lease and subscribe or activate on your line. 
  10. That is just how you can activate or subscribe to the MTN double data plan using my MTN app in 2023.

Mtn Double Data Code

The official MTN double data code for 2023 is *131*9# which can be used to check the eligibility status of your MTN double data offer too. 

It’s designed to why’d you the top dealers that mtn for you follow up with some all the data offer like the MTN Tuesday data plan and MTN data4me. 


You have just learned the straightforward way that you can use to activate, subscribe and get the MTN double data in 2023.

You can also share the process with your friend by using a link you find in you section of your browser. 

Or likely you can just refer them to this article to learn more they need to learn before they can think of getting any MTN double data offers or deals. 

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