Android Hacks And Tricks You Should Know About In 2022

android hacks and tricks

You make use of your phone or your favorite phone is an android phone and you don’t know about the android hacks and tricks we are about to talk about in this article. If so, You are missing a lot because we will be discussing some android tricks which you love and like to know about in such a way that will lead you to make use of your mobile device to some extent you don’t expect. 

Making use of an android device is suitable but you can’t know all functionality of this device until you go more dipper and dig out some stuff that leads to some expectations, which the android hacks we are about to share with you are something you don’t expect your phone to carry out and it’s will be possible you should know about something like this. 

So we will be sharing with you in this article some top android hacks or major android tricks you need to know about. 

2022 Top Android Hacks And Tricks That You will Like To Know About 

Below are some major android hacks you should know about and pick from it which one you will like to make use of, or the one you have been reasoning about and don’t know if it will work for you in anyways. 

1. Installation Of Linux OS Without Root ( Linux Noroot)  On Your Android Device 

This is the best android hack you should know about because most processes that you can find online will allow you to install any Linux-related OS operating system on your android devices will request Root. 

Which with the hacks we are about to share with you will allow you to install Linux Noroot and it will work perfectly for your android devices. 

Most processes and procedures that are being used to get Linux installed on an android phone are not quite easy. That’s why they mainly request root access before you are able to install them. 

Not so say much with Debian Noroot App you will be able to install Linux No root withdrawal rooting your android devices best android hack you should know if you are one that loves to have a Linux operating DOS interface on your android smartphone. 

The Debian noroot app function in same ways as other android app functions which will allow you to install on run Linux operating system on your device and it’s will allow the Linux Debian got installed which allow you to install GIMP and other related Linux office file like LibreOffice and more. 

Advance  Package Tools is also part of the linux open source which the Debian Noroot app will install and is capable of installing all Linux related packages to your device. 

Very easy to install just follow the process by downloading the Debian Noroot App on the play store.  Wait for it to install successfully after opening it. 

And follow the prompt page to get another package installed without rooting your android devices before you can get your Linux OS to function on your device. I hope this android hack is helpful. 

If so then keep reading this article to get more android hacks and tricks let move on. 

2.Change Your Android Devices Status Bar Using System UI Tuner

Here is another amazing android hack that you will like to play along with or make use of with your android devices changing or tweaking your Status bar. 

With the help of some android settings or toll tag as system UI Tuner, you can change your status bar if you feel you like to change the interface of your android status bar. 

Or you just don’t want to make use of your android status bar custom interface or setting which can be done once you activate the System UI Tuner on your android devices follow the steps as followed. 

This setting is a hidden setting on your device which you can do by just long pressing the setting button present on your status bar once you drag the status bar down. 

After you do that you will see the status bar or see some changes on your interface which will notify you that your system UI tuner is turned on and also. 

After it’s enabled you can start changing what you don’t like to display on your status bar or customize it the way you want just by tweaking some settings like others but to settings like do not disturb set-up and more. 

Also, you can keep doing and follow the same set-up and enable the system UI Turner just to customize your own status bar. 

But also take note that some inbuilt enable status bars might not work for this function like that of MIUI the two different displays that apply to their android versions interface or UI user interface. 

3. Tracking Of Your Android Phone 

One of the most android tricks or hacks most people will know about is tracking their own android devices once it’s got lost. 

It’s an android hack because most people don’t know they can track their own android phone once it’s got misplaced or lost and nowhere to be found. 

In the same case where the android phone might be silent, it will be challenging to locate the phone through phone calls unless you make use of the Google find my Device service

Which is a service that has automatically been activated to your device once you sign any Google account or Gmail to your android devices. 

With the help of this find my Device you will be able to know the location of your device which will enable or allow you to track it, Lock the phone which is also something like send the phone cloud. 

And also to erase all data that are present on the phone remotely whenever you misplace any of your phones. 

You can do this by Going to any other phone. The browser and visit which you can use to track your misplaced or lost device. 

Now log in to the email that is present on that phone that you misplaced. Once you’ve logged in you will be processed and presented with what you can do with the Google find my device. 

Let’s go to the next one. 

4. See Back Swipe Away Notifications

In some cases, you might swipe away some important notification and you don’t know you did such. Or you just like to see the notification you swipe away recently. Are you feeling like this is another android hack you would like to know about right? 

There is this android trick that can help you see a swipe away from notification back again and again just follow up. 

This happens often and you will like to find solutions to this all you have to do is to long-press on your phone’s home screen, long-press till your home screen setup shows up. 

You will see a setup or button named widget tap on it and find the following widget Setting Shortcut Widget which will look like something gear display on your interface. 

What you should do next is to drag it to your home screen or empty space that you can place the widget on your android home screen. 

It will allow you to search through some widget shortcuts like battery optimizing, set-up weather location, and more. Just ignore all that and search for a shortcut named Notification Log which will allow you to carry out some notification tasks. 

It will allow you to see some previous things or operations you have carried out on your notification which will also allow you to see some other notifications that you have swiped away and you will like to see back. 

This should help android hack and trick and it’s helpful. 

5. Improvement Of Graphics In Games 

Most devices come with this app or software that can help your game come up with the best graphic display. 

Most gaming android phones have this feature and it always comes up once you try to play your games. 

But the Xda developer page has an android app that can boost the performance of your game and render you the best quality graphic which is named GLtools which is a graphic optimization tool that is set up to bring the best performance to your games. 

This app allows you to tune out best from any game you want to play and enables you to play your game to suit your processor and other game Components. 

But the sad truth about this app is that it needs root access before it can start working, which is why most Android users don’t like rooting or rooting their devices. 

Most devices come with some related game optimization app but will have different functions and from different developers so look into it and find the one that will suit your device. 

We’ve come to an end of the android hacks and tricks that we will like to share with you which we tag all these android hacks as the major ones and the ones that you will like to know about. 

So if you have questions about any of these android hacks stated in the comments section and stay tuned for more related technology tips we hope to serve you this best.


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