Text Scanner OCR V7.6.0 (convert image to text)

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Text scanner ocr

Are you feeling too lazy to type?, or do you just wish there’s a software out there that can swiftly convert your written words to texts format?. Well, your wish just came true. The app I’m about to share today id gonna be a life saver for the lazy.. Oh sorry, People so much in a hurry to type. The app simply scans an image and converts any word on it to text format. Wow!, can this be true? Read on to find out more.

Text Scanner OCR

Text scanner is an app that uses a technology known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan the text on an image, maybe a document, magazine, textbooks or even your school notes, recognise any text written on it and convert it to text format. As simple as that😏

This technology is sure a life saver, there is no more need to visit any typist (abi na typewriter sef) to type your text for you, all you need do now is simply capture the document your phone and let the app do its thing, all you have to do is just correct some mistakes (if there’s any), save and keep your cash where it belongs 😅

Features of Text Scanner OCR 

  • Image to text

As we’ve said earlier, the app converts text on an image to editable text on your phone using a technology known as OCR.

text scanner OCR

  • Edit scanned text

It doesn’t only scan the text but it also allows you to edit the text and delete or add anything you want. So effective.

  • Save or copy?

You can choose to save the file in text format or quickly copy to paste anywhere you want.

text scanner OCR

  • Scan multiple languages

It doesn’t end there, the app can also scan a number of other languages, you don’t have to worry about seeing much gibberish in your text, the app understands your writing very well no matter what language😂.

text scanner OCR

Download links

Click below to be redirected to the download page to get this app for free. No strings attached 😉

Download text scanner ocr apk free here

Additional information

App name text scanner OCR
App size5MB
App versionV7.6.0
Supported deviceAndroid v4.4 
Package namecom.peace.Te…

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