iCloud Passwords Now Available For Chrome Extension On Windows OS 

iCloud passwords chrome extension

The iCloud passwords by apple are now available on Windows operating system which enables users to use passwords from their iCloud keychain that make password recovery from iCloud easy by using some auto-fill options available for the iCloud passwords chrome extension for windows which recently available for people that use iPhone and windows OS. 


It was also said that the apple company makes it easy for iCloud users to access their iCloud keychain passwords on a device that is not powered by Apple or is not an apple device at all with the help of chrome which the extension is available on chrome extension market of recently. 


iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension Helps To Access iCloud Keychain 

The latest apple iCloud chrome extension called iCloud passwords is now available on chrome web which enables users to access password that is saved on there iCloud easily by using some related features on Google mail which we all know Google mail synchronize chrome password and save it for future use to the users some best features like password autofill is also available on this iCloud passwords. 


Normally apple device or apple phone users use safari as their password which the new iCloud passwords that can be used on Google Chrome will now allow you to use the password that you save on your safari browser when you activate the latest iCloud passwords extension on your PC or Windows OS (Operating System). 

iCloud passwords chrome extension

These latest features added by Apple make it easy to access the iCloud keychain for people that make use of MacOs Apple devices and same time windows devices. That will make you switch into your keychain automatically once you activate the same iCloud on the chrome extension. 


The strict process that you need to follow which entails settling the third-party password manager will no longer be needed of which you just need the chrome extension now to run your iCloud keychain straightforward without any stress best switching mode so far. 


It’s better if you know how you activate the extension on your chrome that is available on your Windows OS see below for a guide. 


How To Add iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension On Your Devices 

  • To add the iCloud passwords extension to your chrome. 
  • Click here to end straight to the extension page. 
  • Then you will be provided with the iCloud passwords click on add to chrome. iCloud passwords extension

  • Which will alter a command that will enable the extension to be available for use on your chrome browser. 
  • The extension has been added and you can now find the button above your chrome browser. 
  • Click on it and sign in to the extension with your iCloud sign in details.
  • Once you sign you can now implement some iCloud keychain settings. 
  • Some settings now apply to iCloud Drive, Photos, Mail, Bookmarks, and passwords. iCloud passwords chrome extension

Which everything that you saved earlier on your macOS or any apple devices will now provide for use on your chrome browser once you enable this feature on your chrome browser. 


All you have to do to be able to use the iCloud passwords is to download the extension from the chrome web using the link provided above add the extension and sign in to your iCloud account on the iCloud passwords then you are good to go. 

Do you enjoy using the latest features added by Apple? 

Say what you think about the update below. 


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