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How To extract WhatsApp group contacts Using Extract Group Contacts Apk

How to extract WhatsApp group contacts, So here’s the article I promised you guys. Today, I’ll be showing you guys how to extract (steal) all the contacts from a WhatsApp group. We might not reply to any silly questions in the comments, so make sure to follow this article step by step, and everything will work just fine. The article contains all you need to know about the extraction process, automatic saving and bulk messaging (WhatsApp TVs, stay away from me 🌚) using the extract group contacts apk.

How to extract WhatsApp group contacts

The extraction process isn’t much of a stress, we just need a couple of apps to get started, apps like extract group contacts apk and once you follow the process well you’ll be fine.

Below is the list of apps needed to get started (each a 1k oo, make I send aza before you download am🤭) 

Apps required to extract WhatsApp group contacts

  1. Extract group contact apk
  2. WhatsApp toolkit
  3. Text scanner ocr
  4. IKontact
  5. extract group contacts apk
  6. And an android device that supports WhatsApp 😀

Download links for the aforementioned apps will be provided at the end of the article below.

Steps to extract WhatsApp group contacts

First, get the apps mentioned above installed on the device and follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1

Extract group contact

extract WhatsApp group contacts
  • Launch the extract group contact app.
  • Then at the top right corner of the screen, Toggle the switch on and off then the app will request for accessibility permissions, grant the app the accessibility permissions and return to the app.
  • Click on get group contact and the app will automatically launch your WhatsApp.
  • Enter the group you want to extract contact from, a pop up will appear at the lower part of your screen, wait for the pop up to show done.
  • Now launch the extract group contact app again and click on history.
  • The contacts in the group will be be listed for you. Simply take the complete screenshot of all the contacts and proceed to the next step below.

How to extract WhatsApp group contacts

Step 2

Text scanner ocr

extract WhatsApp group contacts
  • Launch your text scanner ocr app
  • Tap on the gallery icon and you’ll be redirected to your phone’s gallery.
  • Select the screenshot you recently took and the app will scan the photo and extract all text in it.
  • Click on the edit button after the app is done scanning and remove any unwanted text and arrange the text till you’re satisfied. Click on save after that.
  • Click on the back key and click on the save button.
  • Input your desired name and proceed to save.
  • The text file will be saved to internal storage/text scanner.

Now proceed to the next step below.

Step 3

Extract group contacts apk

IKontact mod

  • Now launch your IKontact app.
  • Click on import contact and select bulk import phone numbers.
  • Navigate to the text scanner folder and select the saved text file.
  • The app will automatically convert the text file to phone contacts, specify the name you want to save them as.
  • Click save and the app (extract group contacts apk) will automatically save the contacts to your phone.

Now the next step is about sending bulk messages to these contacts. Let’s proceed.

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How to extract WhatsApp group contacts

Step 4

WhatsApp toolkit.

extract WhatsApp group contacts
  • Launch the WhatsApp toolkit app.
  • Scroll down to bulk automatic sender and click on start now.
  • Click on select contact and create new group contact, then name the group to your preference.
  • Now search for the contacts with the name you saved them as.
  • Select each of them and add to the group.
  • Save now and click the back key.
  • Click on select group and choose the group you just created.
  • Now compose the message you want to send to these contacts.
  • Click on next and select automatically or manually then click on continue.
  • Choose the type of WhatsApp you’re using (WA business or normal WhatsApp).
  • Toggle on the use service button and click on allow.
  • Press the back key, click on next, enable anti-ban and click on start sending.
  • The app will automatically send the message to the contacts and you’re done.

Download links

Download the apps mentioned above from the download links below.

Extract group contacts apk

Download extract group contact below

WhatsApp toolkit

Download WhatsApp toolkit from link below

Text scanner ocr

Download text scanner ocr free from link below


Download IKontact mod apk free from link below

With that, you now have the ability to extract WhatsApp group contacts as much as you like. Do well to stay in touch with us for more related tricks.

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  1. The app is not extracting contact on my phone spark
    After processing then please wait then try again… many times

  2. The app does not extract all the numbers, it’s extracts the first ten and then adds the remaining numbers with and others
    Something like 212 and others. I don’t know what to do

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