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Here is another method on how to get free data from mtn free 30GB, it a news trick that was just discovered tricks or methods that will make use of IMEI tweaking method we make use of years back 2015 2016 downward this IMEI tweaking method works cause is tested with different kinds of IMEI that were provided on our telegram channel. It’s a new era on free browsing cheat. 


This is not a cheat nor just a trick on how to get the mtn free data, mtn free 30GB the free data is attached to mtn
MiFi but with the help of the MiFi IMEI involve tweaking we will be eligible to get the IMEI tweak with our
smartphone using some engineering tools like a chameleon, mtk engineering tool, etc, we also use IMEI analyzer to
analyze IMEI if it valid to get the IMEI tweaked for successful activation of getting the free data (mtn free 30GB) 


Requirements For The Mtn Free 30GB Cheat

  • Mtn Sim ( New one is recommended)
  • Mifi Imel Get the list from our channel 
    mtn free data 30gb imei
  • Android smartphone device ( Android version 5.0 or 6 is recommended)
  • Tweaking tool like chameleon or mtk engineering tool get it from play store or direct link from here
  • Learn how to tweak IMEI from here if you don’t know how to. 

After you have gotten the requirements get the step below on the activation process. 


How To Activate Mtn Free Data ( Mtn Free 30GB) 


  1. After you have successfully tweaked your phone imel by following the below steps.
  2. Pick a valid imei from our telegram channel as seen in the screenshots below
  3. Go to the chameleon app or mtn engineer tool input the imei you pick.
  4. Make sure you analyze the imel and change the last four digits of the imei before tweaking.
  5. Input the imei on the space provided on the chameleon app.
  6. After that turn on your phone airplane mode and switch it on back.
  7. When your phone network have settled dial *#06# to know if your imei have changed.
  8. If you have successfully tweaked the imei the goto your phone sms and send MIFI to 131.
  9. If your imei is valid you will get a successful message as shown below. 

mtn free 30gb

Your mtn line will be loaded with 30GB of Mtn Free 30GB that you can use to browse free online. That is the latest free browsing cheat or trick we’ve got for you. 


incase you send the message and you get an error message, then the next option is to contact the main customer care through there number ‘”180′” and dial ‘” 0 ‘” to contact them straightforward told them that you brought the Mtn MiFi and they promise to load the Mifi sim that you inserted with free 30GB and you have not gotten it yet, in case they don’t respond to you well view the call section, the next option is to tweet them on there twitter page they will tweet you back and also reply  to your tweet as shown below:


they will request for the sim number that was attached or inserted to the MiFi and they might also request for the MiFi serial number in some cases so no worries about that we will update you with some recent tweaked mifi serial number so once they ask for it that’s what you will send or provide for them and make sure you change the last two digit of the serial number before you send it to their customer care and we will be listing update the serial number from here you can get both the serial and IMEI numbers latest one from here.


How To Check If You Tweak A Valid Mtn Mifi 30GB IMEI

  1. To check or to know if you really or the time you want to tweak is valid all you have to do is to:
  2. Visit this time site:
  3. Input the time you just generated when the site finishes loading on the space provide for it.
  4. Proceed to check, to know if its valid one a code MF927U code will be sent along with some information after you checked. as shown below:



List Of Mtn 30GB Mifi Serial Number

How To Accumulate The Mtn Free Data (Mtn Free 30GB) 


To accumulate the free 30GB you will have to pick another imei and generate a new one using the same process we stated above. 


When you have successfully or gotten a valid imei go to your Sms bar and send the message again. 


Your mtn line will be loaded with another 30GB BOOM data is life you can now keep browsing as you like stream and download as you like. 


Our telegram channel is set for getting the latest free browsing cheat endeavor to join and keep supporting and sharing us to your friends and love once.

Video Full Guide On How To Tweak Android Phone Imei 





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