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Latest Mtn Free Data – Get Mtn Free 40GB

Here you might see this to be a scam post a something else but pls I beg you don’t disregard this because this mtn free data cheat was just discovered and we were info by one of our humble followers which we credit him for sharing if for us for free and he even insists we should share it to you guy for free as we always do, actually this mtn free data cheat will yield you Mtn Free 40GB if you follow the procedures well.

As you all know most people discovered cheat and clear it out to be for sale at a huge price due to how to cheat is being blocked by the ISP when some intruders will go-ahead to report the cheat as he dae hot pls pardon me for that speed, nevertheless we still keep moving and keep in search of free browsing cheat to render it’s to you all still for free our humble follower. So with some little tricks and guidelines that we are about to share with you wow asin it’s awesome to hear that you will get mtn 40GB for free you might be hearing this for the first time but it’s real and it’s supper working don’t doubt it pls. 

Let check out the requirements of the mtn free data cheat below. 

Requirements For Mtn Free Data Cheat (Mtn 40GB Free Data)

  • Firstly get Two Mtn Sim (One should be new one and other should be either old or new) 
  • Download the app called Mymtnapp you can get it from play store or download it here or blow. 
  • Download Mymtnapp Direct link
  • A strong data connection is needed for a 4G network indeed. 
  • Your Patients and focus are needed 100% .

After you have gotten the requirements which vary the sims and the app mymtnapp then you can now proceed with the next procedures below on how you can get the mtn free data mtn 40GB for free. 

How To Get Mtn Free Data 2024 Method (Mtn Free 40GB) 

  1. Turn on your data connection and open the mymtn app. 
  2. Note: Make sure one of the sims have not been registered with the app before my mtn app and find an extra phone to put the news sim. 
  3. Now login to the app with the sim that has been registered on the app before. 
  4. Mtn free data 40GB
  5. You will be sent an OTP password when you try to log-in. 
  6. After you have successfully login now click on the menu tab that can be located at the top left Corner of the app. 
  7. Mtn free data cheat
  8. Then find the option menu for Free Data and click on it. 
  9. You will be provided with a page to invite new numbers to join. 
  10. Now input the new number that is on the other phone then try to invite the number. 
  11. Mtn free data invite of 200mb
  12. If the invitation is successful you will be told that you will be given free 200MB when the person you refer registered on the app. 
  13. Now let’s proceed, Logout from the app and login with the news sim back. 
  14. Try to be caution pls follow the step carefully don’t rush just follow my lead. 
  15. Request for OTP once it is sent, input the OTP and Proceed. 
  16. I repeat be patient and focus, don’t rush, now a pop up message will display on the screen. 
  17. This is the main part of this cheat, don’t click anything yet just follow still. 
  18. Mtn free 40GB
  19. Read the message and click on the Remind me later button once you click it don’t relent at all just Click your phone back button again. 
  20. Don’t let it load, repeat the same step again, Click the remind me later button and click your phone back button. 
  21. Keep doing that as you keep doing it your other line will keep accumulating with more refer data bonus. 
  22. Which is 200MB per successful click you can accumulate the data upto 40GB which leads us to the free data of 40GB. 
  23. Mtn free data of 200mb
  24. All you just need is to focus and don’t let it process  before you click the back button. 
Mtn 40GB

That is about that you can just keep doing that to get your free mtn 40GB Wow huge data right. 

Things To Note About This Mtn Free Data (Mtn 40GB) 

  • As we said earlier focus and patients are needed, the more you click the you stand a chance to accumulate your free mtn 40GB. 
  • You can refer as much as 20GB on the same sim so you can still carry out the operation with the same sim to accumulate more data 200MB plus. 
  • Note the data is valid for 24hrs once you finish accumulating the data go straight and download movies files that you might need with the free data you accumulate. 
  • This free data cheat is tested and working 100% and it’s still fresh go ahead now to accumulate your own free 40GB. 
  • Always remember don’t switch the old and news sim together because you need sim that have not been registered on my mtn app before. 
  • If you don’t still remember you can follow this link and subscribe to our youtube channel for complete video tutorials on related posts. 

We drop our pen here, pls if you have any questions about this cheat called mtn free data cheat latest one do go ahead and ask to view the comments section only. 

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