How To Make Call Without Airtime On Mtn 2021 Or Flash Free On Mtn Beep

Mtn Beep Service 2021

A service that allow its users to make call for free on mtn as just been brought to our notice which we like to share with you guy can now make call for free on mtn with having an airtime which is called the Mtn beep or Mtnbeep that allows you to flash any of your friends when you don’t have any time left on your line for free yes it’s free.




Such services as been eligible on airtel for quick long while entails how to make call without airtime on airtel that was publish on our blog in 2021 now it’s mtn which they call it’s Mtn Beep or MtnBeep service that let you make call for free without airtime more-or-less like flash straight forward and this service is different from the normal mtn sms flash service that we know as mtn call me back service using some specific code to send an mtn sms flash to friends and love once to call back.



According To Mtn On MtnBeep


Which was explained to its users in simple ways but it seems some people don’t still understand the process on how to get it done that’s why we came about this article on how to flash your friends and family for free on mtn using the mtnbeep service.



How To Subscribe To Mtn Beep Service 2021 Make Call For Free

According to mtn as mentioned earlier to activate the mtn beep service on your line which entails to send flash to any number when you have zero airtime all you have to do is to.


Just go ahead and dial the number you want to call then once you get the notice that you don’t have airtime.


Mtnbeep which entails to flash your friend will automatically send a beep flash to your friend or family that you are trying to call.


Which will help the person know that you are or you have been trying to call them.


That’s just if the service is done automatically by mtn no activation is required or no any process the only process is to have zero airtime on your mtn line then the beep or flash will be sent to the person you are trying to call.

Why We Create This Article

How Flash For Free On Mtn BeepHow To Subscribe To Mtn Beep


How Can I Activate The Mtn Beep Service

It does not need any activation process all you have to do is to have zero airtime on your mtn line then the beep call or flash will be sent as notification that you are trying to call the person.

Does The Mtn Beep Work For All Network

Yes according to mtn since you don't have airtime and you want mtn beep to send flash or call to other network provider like airtel, glo or 9mobile what you have to dial or call the number then the beep or flash will be sent to the number automatically.

How Can I Be Eligible For The Mtn Beep Service

You don't need to carry out any process before you can be eligible for the mtn beep service for all mtn customers are eligible for this service since you are left with zero airtime on your mtn line then you are eligible for the service.

Which Tariff Plan Mtn Beep Service Work for

To our research and according to mtn this service is for everyone so no any mtn tariff plan are selected for this plan for if you are just an mtn users or customers and you have no airtime on your line then the beep service will be activate on your mtn line that you can use to call any network for free.


Do you try the beep service and it works for you?

Let us know in the comment bar and join our telegram channel for fast updates.



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