How To Get 9mobile 7GB Free Data Plus +1Year Bonus Data

9mobile 7GB Free Data

9mobile just made an announcement about some ways which will make it’s user get free data and bonus that we wish to share with you which entails getting 9mobile 7GB free data plus +1year free bonus data.  Yea for a good once a year to know how to get this data to follow up with this article till the end. 


This is not a free browsing cheat or tweak rather is not a trick or tips it’s just simple ways to carry out some easy task and get your own free data bonus and 9mobile 7gb for free by 9mobile when you meet the needs of getting the free data as it’s was stated by 9Mobile network provider. 


According To 9mobile About The Free 7GB Data And Bonus 

This already makes you understand where we are leading to and how you can get the free 9mobile 7gb +1year of free data bonus. 


How To Get 9mobile 7GB Data Instant Plus +1year bonus data

As it was stated by 9mobile when you get the latest Samsung Galaxy s1 series. 

You will stand a chance to get the free data and data bonus, which the folder stated that the phone entails. 

Samsung Galaxy s1 series must be purchased from any 9mobile shop outlets. 

Either the ones that are available in your area or the 9Mobile shops you are familiar with. 

So once you get any of the Samsung galaxy s1 smartphones then you will stand a chance to get the 9Mobile 7GB data plus +1year free data bonus from the 9mobile network provider. 

Easy as that. 

9mobile 7GB Free Data +1Year Bonus Data

When will The 9mobile 7GB Free Data offer Expire

The offer is said to be valid from now February 12 2021 and it’s said to end on the 7the of March 2021 still the same year. 

Some of you wish to enjoy this offer you have to be fast in getting such a product or smartphone and enjoy instant data offered by 9mobile for free. 


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