Glo Youtube Plan – Stream Youtube Video For Unlimited For N50 On Glo Youtube Social Plan

Glo Youtube Plan

Related plan has been available on mtn before which we have mtn youtube plan available that makes you stream youtube video with affordable rate too now same application to glo. Glo has now launched an affordable glo youtube plan which you can now stream any youtube video for as low as N50 on the glo youtube social plan. 


Yea with just N50 you will be able to stream and youtube video but just that some term and conditions apply to the youtube videos you can stream with just N50, yea you will be able to stream any youtube video with the little amount low as N50 indeed but it’s can now last forever so it’s better to read this article to the end so that you can grab what you need to know about this data plan. 


How To Subscribe To The Glo Youtube N50 Plan

  • All you have to do before you can be able to subscribe to this youtube social plan.
  • Is to dial the code *777*# then select the option to buy data.
    Glo Youtube N50 Plan
  • Then side to the social bundle before this youtube plan seems to be a social bundle too.
  • Now select the youtube bundle which you will be provided with a different type of youtube plan.
  • And one of the plans entails glo Youtube N50 plan that tends to be the cheapest one and it’s affordable. 

You can use the glo youtube N50 plan you subscribe to, to watch any video on youtube for one hour as was stated on the plan section. 


We will like to talk about other youtube plans that were stated on the list of the youtube bundle. 


Glo Youtube Social Plan 2021 

  • The youtube plan or bundles are of different types with different amounts on the glo youtube bundle list. 
  • Which the first one entails glo youtube N50 bundle that will give you 100MB of youtube data and it’s valid for just 1day. 
  • Followed by the other once that the youtube N50 plan will grant you unlimited access to stream any youtube video for 1hour and it’s unlimited as was stated on the list of the plan. 
  • Next we have another N50 plan that seems to work for night alone and it’s valid for a 5hours youtube plan applicable and different from other glo youtube N50 plans. 
  • We now have the N100 glo youtube social plan which will give you youtube 200MB data and it’s valid for 7days respectively. 

Other plan are also available which entails from N130 plan and N200 plan and more which all are youtube plan that all available to stream youtube which specific time and validation time and date are stated on all plan when you use the above subscription method to switch to the list and get yourself to stream youtube video as you like. 

Glo Youtube Social Plan

What are your thoughts about this plan? 

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