How To Back up Your Computer Automatically 2021 Complete Guide

How to back up your computer

Computer backup might seem more or something like not new to you. But I bet you if you look or go through this article you will find something new about how to back up your computer which is automatically and it’s 2021 latest guide.


You will be able to learn how you can backup your computer without even you backing it up yourself either offline process and online process. 


So we hope you can go through this article completely and learn something new about computer backup 2021 fresh method. 


How To Backup Computer 2021

Computer backups are of different types which some entain using cloud storage which is said to be online and using an external storage device like hard drive which is offline. 


But still your hand drive might get lost or burn in the house likewise being stolen which is the best way to learn the 3 different rules we are about to share about computer backup. 


Once you know about the rule and you apply it to your back system then you have saved yourself from losing important documents that might be very important to you and you won’t like to lose such documents. 


The 3 computer backup rule which we mentioned earlier entails copying of your files,  having your file on a different device and off change which we are going to pick one by one. 

Normally what most people think of having a back file or back-up of a computer is moving or having extra copies of important file or documents or an external storage device which is not so. 


Computer back-up is of different purpose which will be better you should know about. Because some of the external devices you seem to provide you file might get lost. 


And your file will be lost with it, which some people make use of an SD card, flash drive that might even get current without you noticing. 


How To Back up Your Computer Automatically 

As we said earlier there are different types of ways which you can use to back-up your file on your computer which we will pick up once after the other. 


Computer Back up View External Back up Device 

People who have external storage devices that came as inbuilt with your computer or with the computer can have an external backup of their files which can be done automatically by following some steps. 


Users with windows 10 and 8 operating systems can get that done automatically on file history settings and separating for windows 7 which can be done windows backup where by mac os system is done on the time machine settings respectively. 

What you have to do before you can carry out the backup operation on any of the listed devices above is to plug-in the external drive to your computer. 


Now you can access the back up tool as listed above and you will find the backup to be done automatically by the computer backup tools. 


Indeed which is one of the best ways to carry out computer backup or how to backup your computer automatically in 2021.


Online Computer Back up (Internet Backup) 

The other important and best method is to backup your computer using internet backup which is online and that can be done by some company that you will purchase their subscription. 


Platforms that prove automatic back up service to their users or customers does not Provide the service for free which the premium subscription packages rage from $5 upwards and one of its platforms is Blackblaze. 


This platform is one of the best recommended platforms that perform back-up automatically on your system on a casual basis which the operations are carried out in background with you being noticed. 


It’s also one of the recommended ways to perform computer backup. The process to use internet backup to backup your computer is one the best ways but it might involve some charges to get that done. 


Back up Service Offered By Cloud Storage 

You might have back-up your file or computer to your external storage device and its might be filled up with the backup file or you can’t afford the internet backup service which your next option is cloud storage back up. 


Cloud storage back up service can be done on online storage cloud platforms like Google drive, onedrive, dropbox and other related cloud storage services which computers can be backup on. 


On like some cloud storage service like Mi cloud which is provided for xiaomi users, the same is applicable to this which you can use to back up files from your computer manually or automatically. 

How to backup your computer

And be safe from external drive got lost or corrupt or likely it was lost and can’t be found which is not the best option for any computer back up method. 


Use this cloud storage to back up your computer and save yourself from file lost strategy. 


This method is another online computer backup method that can be performed on the internet and it will be safe on cloud service you make use of. 


Hope you have gained some rapid knowledge on how to back up your computer lets us know in the comments section. 


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