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How To Backup iPhone Onto iCloud 2023

How To Backup Iphone Onto iCloud

iPhone is some kind of phone that seems most things are hidden on it, Is also known to be one of the topmost purchased phones in the whole world, You Agree with me or not?  But it seems like that to me that is why we look around and bring what might look difficult or seems hidden on the phone that is how you can backup the iPhone onto iCloud. 

I know there are thousands of users of iPhone stalking Alitech to work on something like this, and we are on it, please read carefully and take your time so they won’t be any part you won’t get anything wrong.

We have two comparison words here one of iPhone and iCloud

which I will like us to put something into consideration in both aspects is knowing the meaning of iCloud and know-how iCloud works with iPhone.

Let being on know more about iCloud before going further. 

What is iCloud? 

From our perspective research iCloud is just a storage location offered by Apple Company mostly to iPhone users to store more of their files in the cloud information that can be stored on iCloud include:

  • Images or photos
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • And other related files. 
How To Backup Iphone Onto iCloud

Now that we know what iCloud is and the use of it view iPhone let’s move to

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what iPhone is although we all know is a mobile phone but the question is which mobile phone?  Which OS does it function on? Which company establish it? We should know all these too before we go further.

What Is iPhone On ICloud 

iPhone is a mobile or let’s say smartphone device that operates with an OS called IOS it what established and managed by the apple product company which render the privilege of smart life to it,s user, In simple word iPhone on iCloud is just storage using which you can make use of on iPhone to store your documents on the cloud these are rendered to all iPhone users by Apple Company. 

The next thing to put into consideration is to know how you can back files on your iPhone onto iCloud see the procedures and likewise precautions below. 

How To Backup iPhone On ICloud 2023

  1. The first thing to do is to unlock your iPhone
  2. Then locate the setting on your iPhone
  3. On your Setting Menu.

    Note Before you go further you must have a sign in to or create an iCloud account on your iPhone before you can move to the next step. 
  4. Now click on your account you will be provided with a page as shown on the screenshot below:
    How To Backup Iphone Onto iCloud
  5. You will see many options there like name, phone number and Email password & settings, payments & shipping, Subscription, iCloud, iTunes & App Store, Find m,e and lastly Set up Family Sharing.
    How To Backup Iphone Onto iCloud
  6. Since our target is iCloud we don’t mind any other settings just go straight and click on iCloud as shown on the page.

    How To Backup Iphone Onto iCloud
  7. Then you will be provided with a page that shows the list of what you can back up to your iCloud on your iPhone.
  8. iCloud storage Contains the list of every you can backup on your iPhone.
     iCloud storage
  9. From there you can now select what you will like a backup to your iCloud on your iPhone.

  10. On the same page, you will find the option of iCloud backup there make sure you enable the option. if you don’t enable your iPhone will not backup onto iCloud so you have to do that before your iPhone will start backing up to iCloud.

Now you have to know how to backup your iPhone onto iCloud

what else you like to know about iPhone? or what might be giving you difficulties you will like us to seek it out for you. 

Just use the comment section to state it and wait for an instant replay to your question and try to join our telegram channel for more related updates. 

Video Tutorial On How To Backup iPhone Onto iCloud

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