How To Activate MTN 6GB For 1500 Naira

Mtn 6GB

Although we enjoy the great Airtel offer of 9GB Data for 2000 also 6GB for 1500 etc,
Now it Mtn 6GB with same price.


But it seems these offer it not eligible for all airtel users or offer been disabled my Airtel network provider Now we show you How To Activate MTN 6GB For 1500 Naira.


What Make’s me said is disabled was that,
Normally if you want to subscribe to Airtel 9GB for 2000 you dial the code *144#
which will arrive and bring the option to select Or Make selection of your data plan 9GB data plan.


But now it seems the option it quite different now has shown in the screenshots below .

Airtel Does not offer data of 9GB for 2000 again has was discovered or it likely involved Sim selection for now.

Airtel 6GB

There cheap available data plan are listed above has shown in these screenshot,
Which brings about the Airtel 6GB for 1500 valid for A week. 


Mtn also introduced or added similar data plan to there service which bring us about these post on how you can activate it.
politely it a cheap data plan,
which I suggest you should go for on both Network Service
(Mtn and Airtel) variety depends on the one with higher speen in your area.


MTN has just added another exciting weekly data plan which is similar to that of Airtel 6GB for 1500,

The data can be used on any device,

be it Android, iOS or Laptop and valid for 7 days and you don’t need any VPN app to power up the data.


How To Activate Mtn 6GB And Airtel 6GB


To Activate Mtn 6GB for 1500 < you just need to dial *131# on you phone dialer and select Data plan Then weekly  plan, That’s all

Mtn 6G

In Remembering 

To Activate Airtel 6GB for 1500 < dial *144# and select the 6GB data plan for 1500 or you simple dial *141# and select the 6GB for 1500.

data details

Validation period Of The Data Plan 

These Data plan on both network providers (Mtn and Airtel)  are just valid for 7days,

has said earlier so you just have a week to make use of the 6GB data to stream,

download and stur the internet etc. 

Mtn 6GBMtn 6GB Data Plan Still availaible ?

Actually these data is still active,

for we have been making use of it so you can still stand a chance of getting it activate, grab your mtn simple and start flexing your 6gb data especially at these fun period .

If you have any questions kindly use the comment box to lay it down and wait for instant response Thanks. 



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