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How to Get Airtel 9.6GB for N200 And 45GB for 1000


Airtel 9.6GB for N200
Yea it’s might sound strange to you but it definitely work even everyone seems to be eligible for it, don’t be scared all because you hear the word eligible, kindly finish reading these post before you leave so that you can enjoy these great offer with us too.

it’s tasted by us before the publication of this post, so you can trust it fully. 
not to talk much as you all know
Alitech always finds ways to bring to you what will be of favor to you and always make sure you achieve something from visiting his site, most of you already know and if you don’t know.

Has of yesterday will still make a post on Latest Method to be Eligible for 9Mobile 1GB For 200 Data plan
Awesome Offer fully tested by our team too so let continue with what brings us about this post.

You might thought  it a magic to get huge amount of data with just these little amount
but no It isn’t a magic,
just that it’s an offer from Airtel to some of there costumers.

It actually seems to be some form of glitch from airtel, so you better start using it before they eventually finds out! 

This offer works on an old airtel 4G SIM or 3G Sim that is New registered or less than three months old

 NOTE: Any SIM that is above three months will not work.

And also it doesn’t work on a newly Registered SIM.
You can  dial *746# to check the time your SIM was registered the Interval between now and then,
Knowing the date then you have made your confirmation that you are eligible for the offer let preceed. 

How Do I Get Airtel 9.6GB for N200?

All you to do is to Purchase Airtel recharge card worth of N200 NGN.

Recharge the Card to your line (The card must be the one u buy with pin/code) And load it as followed:
Dial *126*PIN of the Recharge Card#
You will be given a data bundle worth 9.6GB after you have made your recharge,
Airtel 9.6GB for N200.
Airtel 9.6GB

How many days is the data valid or the validation date? 

Mostly has for N200 purchase it valid for up to two months approximately,
So if u make the accumulated which is of N1000 the date might or still be the same way depends on your sim. 

How do I check my data balance ? 

To check your data balance all you have to do is to dial *123*1#
And you will get a pop up showing your remaining available data balance of the Airtel 9.6GB for N200 Or
   You can also dial *140# to receive a message for all your data balances.. 

  Enjoy  unlimited stereo download highly heavy file Airtel 9.6GB.
yea I call it unlimited cause you will barely finish the data cause you will be given in excess ways has you are purchasing airtime you keep getting more and more.
think that’s all if u have any questions regarding the post use the comment box thanks for visiting always visit us for more related posts.


These offer Airtel 9.6GB for N200 And 45GB for 1000 Still Available?

Direct answer is no cause these tweak was detected  by Airtel Service providers
and it was blocked immediately but the truth is some idiot reported it before it was blocked, since that is our hubby in Nigeria its of no surprise.
So don’t feel bad that you visted these post at the wrong time you can still check out some latest cheap data plan available on these site thanks for your visit.

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