How to extract editable text from image using OCR tools


A lot of times this happens that you need to extract some important text information that’s present in the form of picture. The invoices, receipts, passports or driving licences have the information we require but extracting that information is a big issue. (How to extract editable text from image using OCR tools)

Not anymore

Now we have tools that help a great deal in resolving that issue. If you think that you can type the information than its almost impossible as such documents have plenty of information that has to be paid keen attention and it’s extremely time consuming doing it by hand.

All of this is done with the help of OCR technology.  OCR is optical character recognition that helps converting art digital documents into readable text that a machine can recognise.  This helps covert hardcopies or paper documents into computer process able files.

Following are the two great image to text converters we can recommend which use latest OCR technology in order to convert all your digital document and pictures into readable and use able text.

Prepostseo image to text convertor

This image to text converter is one of its kinds.  It can change variety of formats into text format 







If you want to extract text from an image you have to follow two simple steps.

Upload the image or copy URL into the link box 

And then click submit .

With such simple steps you will extract the text into the container from where you can download or copy the text onto clipboard. 

You can download into. Txt file or you can save it as a document which ever option is convenient for you.

You will also get multiple languages option that if you want to convert the text into other lanthanum you can check the option from side panel.

This convertor can also convert pdf files into text with the help of OCR .

Prepostseo image to text converter provide you with multiple features that will come handy during your work.

Zero cost

This is a great feature that attracts people in using this convertor as it costs nothing in order to use the services.  It’s free of cost all the way and no installation or registration required 

Low resolution images 

It helps you extract the text from images that are of low resolution into proper readable text.  This feature come handy for students who takes pic of books or notes and some get blurred due to camera pixel quality 

Mathematics equations are recognisable 

If your image contains any Mathematical equation that you need to convert to text. This convertor is well equipped for those as well. It’s the pro level of this OCR supported image to text convertor for which converting equations is as easy as converting text 

Totally secure 

This convertor is 100% secure and any image you put in to convert is only accessible by you who own it. Your data security is of prime importance 

There are multiple reasons why one could want to use this prepostseo image to text convertor 

Less time consuming 

It’s a great time saver and all the work that you have to do manually will be done digitally where room for error is very marginal.  It’s very efficient way as well 

Business security and boost 

You can store all the business documents at one place that provides great security. During audit these document can come in very helpful. You will be organised and that’s a huge plus for the discipline of the company 

Social media content extraction 

Social media is everything these days. New trends and content is available online that can be easily converted and stored into text form and get utilised as seen fit. No limitations of where and when you can convert media files into text data is very reason of extreme usability of this convertor 


What is the need to write complete text description when you can simply extract all the text from digital files and convert them to your need into txt format? It is done by 100% accuracy with the help of image to text converter 

OCR technology does wonders here.  You have scanned the document from which we gave to extract the text and a separate file is made there. Optical character recognition tool equipped in this convertor converts all the data in that file into a text document 

Upload, drag and drop or copy paste the URL in the given box and submit it and you will get all the text accurately and instantly converted into document form that you can download in any format that suits you. Input format options are endless. JPG, JPEG, TIFF, JPE, JIF, PNG etc

This image to text convertor is very helpful in today’s time because you can extract text from image or WhatsApp statuses or twitter feed can provide you great relevant content or Instagram stories has something important written on them that needs extraction and useful in future . Pinterest or screenshot text extraction, the possibilities are endless.

Its usage is completely free of cost that’s a great plus 

All the extractions are done with tesseract-ocr that’s most advance open source software. It is developed by Hewlett Packard.  Google has done all the funding and took maintenance responsibilities. By the help of artificial intelligence it provides 100% accurate extraction of text. 

It supports multiple languages and you can download text file that can be edited as well. You can save it as clipboard as well 

Here you have an original document that go through the process of adaptive binarization to create a binary image which then goes into component analysis phase where contour and detection happen  words are detected and paragraph lines are formed which are then organised and then by two step recognition process convert into editable text.  

This is helpful in editing newspapers as well as class notes for students 


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