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Flitaa $1000 Giveaway – Crypto Airdrop 2022 Join Now


This platform is known by its name flitaa will be doing a $1000 worth of crypto-related funds giveaway, in respect to speak more or celebrate its 1-year-old anniversary. 

Are you still confused and don’t know what this platform is all about?  Well in our own words we call it one of the leading crypto exchange platforms in Africa around the globe. 

They offer different services like:

  • To buy and sell your favorite cryptocurrency. 
  • Allows you to own a crypto wallet on their platform. 
  • And more of which you can’t imagine in the crypto space. 

Why don’t you use this opportunity to look into the platform flitaa now and start a chance to earn from the $1000 giveaway crypto airdrop from them? 

Flitaa provides and renders services to its user’s easier and more straightforward way. Which won’t stress you on how to navigate on their official app or site. 

After a year that comes into discovery, they have surprised and provided their user’s with the following features. 

Basis Features That Flitaa Rendered In A Year

  • All together  40+ best and favorite crypto and token are listed to suit their user’s needs. 
  • Operate with 40,000+ users within Africa as a continent. 
  • Claim records of getting 20,000+ user’s to install their app. 
  • Up to $6m dollar exchange of funds has been made on flitaa. 
  • And more to come. 

As an exchange platform, they also have their own flitaa wallet embedded in their app for you to create and store your crypto tokens and currency. 

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Some Of The Reasons That Will Make You Want To Use Flitaa Are:

  • You will get yourself 0.5% lifetime bonuses once you start making use of the platform. 
  • To make operation and operating easy and straightforward for their users. 
  • Their customer services support is there for you 24/7 including live support. 
  • You can start trading on the platform for as low as 1000.

What You Need To Know About Flitaa 2022 Giveaway 

Not just the $1000 that will be given out you will start a chance to get the following goodie once you partake in the program. 

Other stuff like:

  • Get yourself a well-customized T-shirt. 
  • Crypto USD known as USDT will be loaded into your flitaa wallet. 
  • Get some gadgets like a customized bottle for water. 

And lost more, which you will also be rendered a service to learn how to trade or know more about crypto as a beginner. 

You can join and start trading with the platform by clicking here, don’t forget you will have to be a member of the platform before you can earn or be part of the people that will enjoy the giveaway. 

flitaa crypto wallet

You can also let your friends know about the flitaa 2022 giveaway from its 1year anniversary as the countdown stated above. 

How To Quality For The Flitaa Wallet One Giveaway 

You will have to follow some simple state for you to be able to be part of the people which whom the funds or goodies on the giveaway with be shared with. 

All that you need to do are:

  • Create or join the platform here using the app to sign-up. 
  • After you have sign-up now all you have to do is to download the flitaa crypto wallet. 
  • The flitaa crypto wallet can be found on the Google play store or Apple store. 
  • Go to Twitter and follow Flitaa Nigeria some applicable to Kenya. 
  • Lastly, Follow Flitaa On Facebook. 

That’s just all, as we mention early everywhere including your friends and family can enjoy the giveaway. 

So do more to invite them and more related updates will always be shared on alitech blog you can join the telegram channel for fast updates. 

See you around. 

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