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Best Way To Mine Cryptocurrency In 2023

Best Way To Mine Cryptocurrency In 2022

The way to earn your own cryptocurrency is called Mining and the purpose of this article is to teach you the Best Way To Mine Cryptocurrency or how to mine crypto in 2023.

I believe when you heard about cryptocurrency mining for the first time, it sounded too good to be true. It requires you to use your computing equipment to verify transactions on a Blockchain and you will earn crypto rewards afterward. It is passive income for you once it has been set up as it does not need much effort on your part.

However, there are some potential issues you should know about which is that mining can cost you way more than you earn if you don’t plan ahead. To help you avoid losses, this article is going to cover how to mine cryptocurrency and if it is profitable still.


Cryptocurrency mining is the first used method that enables the decentralization of cryptocurrencies. It is the way cryptocurrencies mint new coins and validate transactions. Cryptocurrency functions without a central governing body that confirms its transactions.


There are so many ways of Mining cryptocurrency. Below are different ways you can choose from in mining cryptocurrency.

  • ASIC mining: In this type of mining, you use an  application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) which is a type of device made for mining a specific cryptocurrency. Though it is expensive, it typically offers more mining power and provides the highest hash rate.
  • GPU mining: This mining involves you using one or more graphics processing units (GPUs) that’s advanced. GPU is known commonly as graphics cards. They provide mining power that’s considerable but at a kinda high upfront cost.
  • CPU mining: This type of Mining requires you to use a computer’s central processing unit (CPU). 

Even though it is the most accessible way for one to mine crypto, it does not have much mining power compared to GPUs and ASICs. Because of that, the profits obtained from CPU mining are minimal.

  • Mining pools: These are groups of miners that work together to mine crypto and thereafter share the block rewards. However, Miners pay a pool fee by giving a small percentage of the block rewards.
  • Solo mining:Solo mining just means mining on your own. But because it is harder to earn block rewards using this method, it’s advisable to stick to mining pools as it is a better choice.
  • Cloud mining: This requires you to pay a company so they can mine crypto on your behalf using their own mining devices. Cloud mining requires you to go into contract with them and most times, the terms given always favor the company and not the miner.

Having to choose the right type of mining will depend on the type of cryptocurrency and how much you are willing to invest. In most cases, it is best to go with GPU mining, ASIC mining, or just join a mining pool.

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The moment you feel ready to start mining crypto, you should follow these 2023 steps:

  1. Choose a cryptocurrency to mine

There are many cryptocurrencies available for you to mine but not all of them verify transactions through this method. You may specifically want to look for cryptocurrencies that make use of proof of work.

Below are some suggestions: 

  • Kadena (CRYPTO:KDA): This is a cryptocurrency that is built for businesses and for powering the financial system globally. It is a really profitable crypto currency when you use an ASIC in mining it.
  • Ergo (CRYPTO:ERG) : This is a platform that is designed to make available an efficient way to implement financial contracts on Blockchain. You can mine Ergo using GPU because it is resistant to ASIC mining.
  • Dogecoin (CRYPTO:DOGE): This is a meme coin. It became popular in 2023 even though it initially started as a joke. It is possible to make profits from it using an ASIC to mine it.

One cryptocurrency that is notable and that I wouldn’t recommend you to mine is Bitcoin. The reason is that it is really popular and the number of miners competing to earn a reward is so many, this makes it difficult for you to make a profit from mining Bitcoin.

  1. Buy your mining equipment

After choosing a cryptocurrency to mine, you need to start looking at GPUs or ASICs that you can use in mining. For you to compare mining devices, it is advisable you make use of a profitability calculator for the cryptocurrency you’ll be mining.

The purpose of this calculator is to let you plug in your electricity cost and a machine’s hash rates, so you can see how much per day you’d make. The information you get can be used to estimate how long it would take for you to pay off the money you spent on the mining device.

  1. Set up a crypto wallet

Once you commence mining cryptocurrency, you are going to need a crypto wallet where all your rewards will be stored. The good news is that it isn’t hard to find.

The websites on cryptocurrency may likely have recommendations on wallets that are compatible. There are plenty of digital wallets that can be used and they are free of charge for most cryptocurrencies. After you must have set up your wallet, you will now be able to generate an address where you can easily receive and store your cryptocurrency safely.

  1. Configure your mining device

Once your mining device is made available, there are some things you need to do to make it ready for use.

The first thing you need to do is download the software used for mining the cryptocurrency.  Go straight to the cryptocurrency’s website to find the software.

You should be sure to set up your mining device in a location with the proper cooling that is safe. A bit of heat has been generated by mining devices and if you are not careful, they can be a fire risk.

  1. Join a mining pool

It is possible for you to mine cryptocurrency by yourself, however, it is rarely a good approach. It is really hard earning block rewards when you mine on your own.

Because of that, most of the miners settle for mining pools. For the fact that a mining pool has a group of miners who combine their efforts, there is a higher chance that the pool will be chosen to validate a block and then earn block rewards.


To the typical investors, Cryptocurrency mining isn’t worth it. This is so because it is so difficult to make a profit.

But for the crypto enthusiasts, crypto mining is worth it, either as a hobby for them or a means to possibly earn some extra money.

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