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WhatsApp Update: A New Animated WhatsApp Sticker Pack As Be Rolled Out, Get It Now

Animated WhatsApp sticker pack

As of last month whatsapp official rolled out new features for it’s desktop WhatsApp version which enables its users to also interact with each other view voice record or audio and video calls which is an WhatsApp update for desktop users, now it’s another recent update which they roll out latest animated WhatsApp sticker pack that will make your conversation looks more attractive with your friends.


An update pertaining to WhatsApp sticker maker app was also made which is still yet to be officially rolled out but the video calls and audio interaction within users on desktop is news whatsapp features which was just added so as people that make use of WhatsApp desktop most time can enjoy it more. 


Latest Animated WhatsApp Sticker Pack

This sticker pack was just rolled out which the update has not reached most people but we choose to bring the update to you so that you can now know what is going on. 

There have been four different kinds of animated WhatsApp sticker packs which came in different views with different names. 

One of the WhatsApp sticker is called Mr B & friend sticker pack which is newly rolled out officially by WhatsApp. 

And the amount size and data which will be used to get such a sticker pack is about 334KB respectively. 

Another animated WhatsApp sticker pack is called Tater & tots sticker pack that is compromised with small megabytes of 3.4MB which is available for download and storing on your device. 

A sticker pack called fantastic corgi was also rolled out which housed 4.8MB amount of data to be used and downloaded the sticker pack followed by the amount of storage to be used. 

Yes right now you might be eager to know about sticker packs and how they looks like don’t worry we will dive into the process on how you can get stickers. 


How To Get The Latest Animated WhatsApp Sticker Pack 

It’s very easy to get this WhatsApp sticker pack added to your whatsapp sticker history just follow the guide below:

  1. Open your WhatsApp app either the old version or the new version. 
  2. Located any or open any chat, person chat or group chat. 
  3. Find where your emoji button is located and click on the tap.
  4. Switch to the sticker tap and click on the plus ➕ sign. WhatsApp sticker

  5. Then boom you will be provided with the listed of the latest rolled out animated WhatsApp sticker pack at the top as shown in the screenshot below. 

Latest WhatsApp sticker pack

Since the sticker where just added its place and the first set of the WhatsApp sticker pack you can now go ahead and download them using the download icon placed by the side of the sticker packs before you can start making use of them. 


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