How To Move WhatsApp Chats To Telegram | How To Import WhatsApp Chats To Telegram

How to move WhatsApp chats to telegram

Due to the WhatsApp policy updates that’s we discuss about some week ago that was said to be strict which whatsapp tell his members is they can’t accept the policy that they should delete their account, so telegram has been found of using their influence to get more people to know more about there app as one of the best alternative ways for WhatsApp. As of recent the latest telegram now allows to import or move WhatsApp chats to telegram straight forward that’s why we wish to discuss how to move WhatsApp chats to telegram without any stress.


Actually what seems to see this as a gauntlet as telegram now allows his users to import WhatsApp chats to there app which it will be better to know about how to import WhatsApp chats to telegram using the latest telegram features that was just added to there app. 


WhatsApp seems to mean telegram which makes them make such a notice about telegram that they have thrown a gauntlet to them by allowing people to move WhatsApp chats to telegram which is said to be the latest telegram features. 


According To WhatsApp 

They also go further more to explain this on there official WABetainfo page with some others explanation that after signal app seems to copy WhatsApp features that’s is not the time of telegram through the ways on how to move WhatsApp chats to telegram, not knowing that most people or most telegram users as been looking for this features for quite long and it’s now officially available to all telegram users in recent January2021 best telegram latest features that we’ve seen to be added so far. 


This telegram moving of chats history seems not to be for only WhatsApp but also available to other social media apps which you can move chats history from but WhatsApp seems to be one of the most target. 


Furthermore WhatsApp on wabetainfo page stated that telegram social media owner knows that people care most about their chats history so that’s why they brought the features of adding or moving WhatsApp chats history to telegram seems is for them to gain more users. 


WhatsApp Reaction About The New Telegram Update

WhatsApp goes further to look around how telegram seems to provide the process of how to move WhatsApp chats to telegram, which they test and look around how it works. 


The process for the importation of the chats from WhatsApp to telegram and how telegram seems to provide the features to his users. 


They furthermore tell their users to watch out for how they will react to this what they call gauntlet by telegram. They said in detail that, it does not mean they will target something from telegram rather they will just go ahead and bring their own latest features to its users. 


Now if you don’t know how to move or how to import WhatsApp chat history to telegram now stay with us to the end of this article so you can move all your WhatsApp chat history to telegram. 


How To Move WhatsApp Chats To Telegram 

  1. First update your telegram to the latest version before you should carry out the importation. 
  2. To import your WhatsApp chat to telegram open your WhatsApp app. 
  3. Locate the personal chat or group chats you want to move to telegram on your WhatsApp. 
  4. Click on the three dot menu button and next click the more button. 
  5. Then you will be listed with some option that “export” is attached to the menu option. How to move WhatsApp chats to telegramHow to import WhatsApp chats to telegram
  6. Select the export button and a prompt page will pop if you chat with the media together with the person.
  7. If the person chatting you want to import to telegram is attached with the media you will be asked to choose. 
  8. Choose either to export with media or not. 
  9. Next on the export page option, select telegram as the app you want to share to. How to move WhatsApp chats to telegram 2021
  10. Once you select telegram, then telegram will ask you to select a person chat you want to move your chats to.  How to import WhatsApp chats to telegram
  11. Make a selection on it then you will find out that your WhatsApp chats have been moved to the person telegram chat. How to move WhatsApp chats to telegram


That’s just the easy way to move or import WhatsApp chats history to telegram without any stress. 


Was further stated that you will get or see an identification logo on any chats that were imported once you’ve moved the chats to telegram from whatsapp. 

Video Guides How to import WhatsApp chats to telegram

Some process is being carried out that you can use to move all WhatsApp group chats history to telegram group chats history for good. 


What did you think about this latest telegram feature? 


It looks cool to you? 


Do you think WhatsApp is a gauntlet to WhatsApp? 


Pls use the comments section to answer all our questions and stay tune or come back to see more related or get more related updates from us. 



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