How To Get Free Airtime On Mtn – Mtn Free Airtime

Mtn free airtime

This is official and if you wish to get free airtime on mtn it’s very simple all you have to do is to follow up with this article to the end which will lead you through ways on how you can get the mtn free airtime or how to get free airtime on mtn. As of recently, it was officially announced by mtn. 

Remember this is not a cheat or free airtime cheat its office which was announced by mtn that they now have a bunch of airtime available for different kinds of people was able to carry out some simple tasks before they can get the free airtime as of today 30 March 03, 2021, let’s get to the main point. 

According To Mtn

Which seems to already explain and let you know what you need to know about the mtn free airtime. If you don’t still know, we will put more insight into it below. 

How To Get Mtn Free Airtime

  1. As we said earlier is offered by mtn so to get the free airtime.
  2. You just have to do as they said by follow the page Mtn Shafin hausa on Facebook. 
  3. Click here and it will lead you to the page. 
  4. Once you are a member of the page you now stand a chance to get the free airtime from mtn. 

Just by staying tuned on the platform by doing whatever they told you to do and more that’s that about that. 

How to get mtn free airtime 2021

What are the requirements needed to get airtime? 

Since it’s officially announced by mtn and we just wish to info you that’s if you like to partake in the program or giveaway so to know what’s it’s required that will allow you to get the mtn free airtime you just have to stay tuned on the platform both Facebook and Twitter so that the giveaways won’t miss you. 

Let us know if you have been able to get your own free airtime and also stated how much airtime you were given. 

Good luck and also wish you luck. 


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