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See How Your WhatsApp Status Are Being Saved And Hidden From You ( WhatsApp Exposed )

How Your WhatsApp Status Are Being Saved And Hidden

You might think you know where we are leading to on this article due to the title we present but still it will be better to read and go through this article that talks about your WhatsApp status that is being saved and hidden from you on your phone storage. 

Yes WhatsApp status is being saved and hidden from you whenever you view any status on your phone you don’t have to worry of getting any status saved on your device once you get
to know the method on how to view WhatsApp status on your phone either pictures or videos they are all being saved on your phone storage. 

How Is The WhatsApp Status Being Saved? 

It’s simple once you view any status on WhatsApp is being saved automatically to your phone
storage either for temporary storage or permanent it doesn’t matter you should just know
it’s being saved after you view any. 

This shows reference to iOS users which don’t have access to save WhatsApp status like the
features that most android users have either by using moded WhatsApp that have WhatsApp
status save features or using some third-party app that came with the WhatsApp status saved features. 

So when you get to know how and where views WhatsApp status are being saved then you
don’t need to beg your friends anymore to send you status (picture or videos)  that you like to have copied. 

How To See Viewed Whatsapp Status That Are Being Saved

You will need a tool or app to be able to see your view saved WhatsApp status that is being
hidden from you. 

By just moving it to another visible folder because the folder which the status is hidden from
(folder called .Statuses) can allow you to see those files on your gallery or outside other apps. 

  • The app or tool is called es file explorer which you can download one here for android users. 
  • For iOS users go to your app store and search for es file explorer then check if it’s available for you. 
  • After you’ve downloaded and installed the app is a file manager also but comes with more interesting features. 
  • Now open it and for iOS users if you don’t see it then just locate your file manager. 
  • And check if it’s showing hidden files features, if it does then move on with us. 
  • Now open the es file explorer, minimize it and go to your WhatsApp. ( for any WhatsApp app either the main one or modified once). 
  • Go ahead and view any person’s status and make sure you view it completely either picture or images. 
  • When you’ve viewed the status go back now to the es files explore. 
  • The ex file explorer should read the file that just saves to your phone storage on the logs section. 
  • Go ahead and scroll down still on the es file explorer main menu. 
  • Then you will see the logs which will read the WhatsApp status that you just viewed. 
  • Now just click on the folder that it was saved to as shown in the screenshot below. 
  • Then boom you will see the status that is being hidden from you. 
  • From there you can now pick the one you will like to save on your devices. 

Not only that you can also use some other method which will work for iOS users that don’t
have es file explorer installed on their device let’s check it’s below. 

Method 2: How To See Viewed WhatsApp Status That Are Being Saved To Your Phone Storage 

  • Open your es file explorer or your file manager to locate your viewed saved whatsapp status
    that is being hidden from you. 
  • Locate the file manager or explore settings on the settings section which can be found on the menu tap. 
WhatsApp status
  • Click on the display that is tagged as the sub settings. 
  • And toggle on the “show hidden file” button then goto your WhatsApp folder. 
  • Switch to the media folder and then you will find the .Statuses folder on the media folder. 
WhatsApp status that are hidden from you
  • Click on it then you will see your status that is being viewed which is hidden from you. 

In addition you can also use this tool to view hidden WhatsApp stickers that are available on
your phone storage which whenever anyone sends stickers to you it will be saved automatically to your phone storage. 

Also if the whatsapp sticker is sent from any group that you are, it will be saved automatically
to your phone storage. 

Use the same method above to get what you want by also seeing stickers that are being hidden from you. 


This article exposed some things you don’t know about WhatsApp to you which you might
also know before but don’t know how to go about finding a deos file. 

You are now enlightened about the process on how to view WhatsApp status that is being
hidden from you fully exposed. 

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