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How to save whatsapp status without using mod WhatsApp (GBwhatsapp)

How to save whatsapp status on iphone

Hola! So they say in spanish. And we’re back again with another amazing tip that I am sure of that you have been thinking for a very long while if it is possible or not and that is how to save whatsapp status video and pictures to gallery without using mod WhatsApp (GBwhatsapp). GBwhatsapp is a modded WhatsApp which we most people male use of to get restricted features that was restrict on the main WhatsApp, some year ago WhatsApp decided to ban people who make use of modded WhatsApp like GBwhatsapp, YoWhatsApp, GBpluswhatsapp, FMwhatsapp and more. 

That causes to make a lot of people to lose interest in using the mod WhatsApp they rather switch to the main
WhatsApp but as of recent people can now make use of the modded WhatsApp back which are all attached with
Anti-ban features that is you won’t be ban from using mod WhatsApp again you can now make use of you
GBwhatsapp and enjoy same feature as you always do. 

How To Save GBwhatsApp Status

Readers that still pick interest in using the mod WhatsApp like GBwhatsapp can check here for a full guide on
how to get the WhatsApp download. You will get a list of all modded WhatsApp there with the features that were
attached to it. 

Nevertheless the main aim of creating this article is for people that still have the fear of getting banned and still
stick to using the real WhatsApp which does not have the features of saving WhatsApp text, pictures and video.
Don’t worry we got you covered everything you need to get your friend WhatsApp status saved without asking
him/her to send it to you will be explained to you on this main article stick with us till the end. 

Normally on modded WhatsApp like GBwhatsapp whenever you view someone WhatsApp status and you feel
like to have a copy of the picture or video likewise to get the write up, you just have to toggle or press a button
to get that done. People that make use of it can relate to that. 

But that feature is not available on the main WhatsApp but before going further there are some requirements
which we need to get our WhatsApp status saved on the main WhatsApp app. 

Require For Whatsapp Status Save

  • Phoenix browser
  • Data connection
  • WhatsApp access
  • Storage location 

Yea does are the things we make use of just to get out WhatsApp status save without using modded WhatsApp,
But phoenix browser is our main target that will do the overall work in aspect of saving the WhatsApp status. 

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Phoenix Browser for whatsapp status saver

The browser mostly came with android devices as an inbuilt browser but if you don’t have one you can get one
from play store just search phoenix browser and download or you click here to get it download strength to your phone. 

Now what next is to know how to make use of the browser to get our WhatsApp status saved

This WhatsApp status saver method seems to be the 2021 working method that we like to update you on it
works for all mobile devices like Android, IOS, Window Phones. It is also mostly recommended for iPhone users. 

How to save whatsapp status without using mod WhatsApp (GBwhatsapp)

When you have view your friend status and you like to have a copy of the picture or video that you view, just
minimize your WhatsApp:

  1. Switch to Phoenix browser that opens the browser that was downloaded and installed earlier.
  2. You will be provided with an interface as shown below.
    Phoenix Browser whatsapp status saver
  3. Click on the option menu called status saver as circle in the screenshots
    status saver
  4. Then you will be provided with the list of all status you have viewed one your WhatsApp so far.
  5. Long press to select anyone you feel like saving then click on save.
  6. It is also attached with other features that you can play around with.
  7. You can also manage your WhatsApp file from there. 

I think that’s all. 

Does this article provide you what you want? 

If so let know view the comments section 

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