Xiaomi is set to unveil their first-generation Chipset – Surge S1

It was brought to our notice that xiaomi will soon start working and producing phones with their own custom chipset named surge S1 or Surge SOC which is said to be their first generation custom chipset. 

This chipset was already in use as of 2017 which was produced with one of the Mi products that was later dropped. Some top tech platforms are not saying that they will introduce their own custom chipset next week doing the launching of their foldable phone. 

Surge S1 Xiaomi First-gen Chipset

The chip surge s1 was formally announced in 2017 which is the company’s (xiaomi)  first silicon custom chipset. And the new chipset might be aimed at some budget phones. 

Same in 2017 the chipset has been used to power a xiaomi phone name Mi 5C which was launched in the same year. 

And it’s said to be an affordable version for xiaomi flagship. It was formally dropped that year. 

Which after some years back now xiaomi are not getting a successor in usage of the surge s1 to power their phone chipset. 

Xiaomi mega launch event which is coming up this same year March 29 will entail and show proof if the company will surely bring the surge chipset up. 

It just seems like a rumour because xiaomi has not revealed any Information about the chipset. 

The surge chipset is not a high-end processor so there is a possibility that it will only support and work on small and low cost android phones. 

As of last year some rumour spread on the internet that xiaomi was working in hand with mediatek to produce their own custom chipset which up till date any of this technology company has made mention of such act. 

But it was further reported that xiaomi gave up on such an act may be due to many trials that fell into zero success. 

Out of all android products and phones that we have out there it’s brought to record that it’s only Huawei and Samsung phone companies that produce their own custom chipset. 

Samsung chipset compare with surge s1

While people don’t expect Huawei to come up with any new product or new version of any chipset for now, Samsung has been using their chipset on different kinds of Galaxy phones in different series of phone’s. 

Xiaomi are about to unveil their new foldable phone as of next week which might also make them to bring into consideration with the announcement of the surge chipset. The xiaomi phone which is tagged with a name MI Mix was rumored to be the foldable phone that will be announced during the company show. 

The xiaomi phone is more-or-less to look like the Samsung and Huawei foldable phone. 


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