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WhatsApp Aero

Have you been searching for where to get the latest WhatsApp Aero Apk?  Not to worry again you will now be provided with the free download link for the latest version of the apk and you will get to download WhatsApp aero apk v9.11 2022 for free on this article or post. The version of the aero that you will be downloading on this page is for android users only.

WhatsApp aero is one of the mod WhatsApp out there which will make you be able to use some amazing WhatsApp features unlike other mod WhatsApp like GBwhastapp, FMwhatsapp, Found WhatsApp, YoWhatsapp, And more which you find out or know about out there with some best amazing features. 

About WhatsApp Aero 

As we all know most WhatsApp mods come with some amazing features that makes most people like and will like to get interested to use it, so WhatsApp aero is one of the mod WhatsApp with its own personal mod apk that will allow you to enjoy features that even WhatsApp does not have itself. You can now download the latest WhatsApp aero now and enjoy the best and some mind-blowing features which you have not experienced before. 

As we all know the world of technology is going wider on a daily basis which makes us have such type of tech application that connects us together in all the whole world and most of these apps allow us to communicate or engage in communication just within some second which are the most instant messaging app that we have nowadays. 

There are hundreds of instant messaging apps that we have out there which have the ones that are most popular among them and which people wish to make use of. Most of them are Facebook messenger, Wechat, Viber, Telegram, signal, and WhatsApp. 

But it seems most of this instant messaging app lacks a lot of features in times of privacy update and theme that why mod apps or modified apps like WhatsApp aero came out to help and develop apps for users to get some amazing themes and some best features to some images that we don’t expect. 

Historical Part Of WhatsApp Aero Version 

WhatsApp aero has been existing for quite a long time a little which entails different versions from version (V8.40, V8.60, V8.61, V8.70 till date that we now have WhatsApp aero v8.86, v8.90, v9.05, v9.11)

Other versions too are available out there which came in the form of spread versions. 

Some parts of this version are version 11.50.0, 12.00.2, 12.00.4, and more other versions but the latest and up-to-date version is WhatsApp aero apk v9.11 which is the latest version of this mod apk. 

This WhatsApp aero works in the same ways in which the other WhatsApp and other mod WhatsApp work which entails sending instant calls, and video chats that allow users to connect and communicate to each other instantly without any waste of time. It’s one of the best mod apk out there that helps users to do what they want with the speed of light. 

Basic Features Of WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp aero is best out of the modified apk which makes you implement some features of WhatsApp that normal whatsapp apk don’t have and also allow you to change some privacy of your account, so it will be better to know about the features of the app before you download. 

Below are some features of WhatsApp aero:

Basic Functionalities:  apart from the mod features of this app it also works as other normal WhatsApp work which allows you to send instant messages, calls, media, documents and more is its function is the same ways as other WhatsApp functions just this version of this app allows you to provide yourself with some amazing decoration on the app by changing the theme and attache some strict privacy to your account view the help of WhatsApp Aero. 

Higher Rate Of Sharing Media: when we look into the normal WhatsApp which most people make use of it’s allow people to share media like images, videos, and others but, a limitation is attached to the amount of video you can send. So the limitation has been adjusted on WhatsApp aero which allows you to send up to 10 Images and once and you can be able to send 100MB video at once which the normal WhatsApp does not allow its users to carry out. 

Auto Backup (Titanium): the WhatsApp that people make use of which is mostly found on the play store as its own chat backup settings but it’s not as the WhatsApp aero backup features that are also called titanium backup features that allow its users to backup it’s data such as images, chats, videos and others documents which are done automatically and it seems one of the best features because it’s good to have a back-up for anything you are into. 

Enable Anti-Delete Chat: the features called anti-delete on WhatsApp aero features is so known to be no one can delete the message from you in case they delete a message they what to send to you even when they delete it’s you will get to know about the WhatsApp that it’s will still appear to you even when the person deletes the message from you. 

Enable Anti-status delete:  one of the amazing features of the app is you will get to see a status that is already deleted by the person that posts it. Even when they delete their status it will still appear to you and you will keep seeing it for a good 24 hrs when it ends. 

Allow Users To Secure App With Password: in this aspect, you don’t have to look for an app lock application before you can secure your WhatsApp this mod WhatsApp contains or has the features of app lock that you can lock it with password or pattern lock features at you own test. 

Features To Hide Media: WhatsApp aero also has features that allow its users to hide media such as images, videos, or other documents from its users so that they won’t be or if you don’t what some intruder to see the images you are having on your device which will be accessed by you allow. 

Message Tick Hide: the blues tick which appears once people read or open your message can be hidden from users using this mod WhatsApp that safe your privacy and messages that you don’t want people to know you have read. 

Font And Theme Change: this features entails two things which you can now change your chat font once you start making use of this WhatsApp that is called WhatsApp aero, font simply means how the words you type will appear to you when you type which you can change it’s using this mod app,  and also one of the best parts that will allow you to change the look of your WhatsApp which is called theme. You can totally change the look of your chat and conversation once you are using this app. 

Provide Third-party Emojis: the emoji features that allow you to use different kinds of emoji apart from the main WhatsApp emoji and get to have some other instant messaging app like Facebook messenger and more. 

Download WhatsApp Aero Apk Latest Version 

App name WhatsApp Aero 
TypeMod Apk
Download Size66MB
Device Compatibility Android 5 upwards 
Version V9.11


Download WhatsApp Aero 2022 Here

How To Install

  • Once you’ve downloaded the latest WhatsApp Aero Apk Locate the apk to install. 
  • Before you install make sure you have enabled unknown source installation on your device. 
  • The setting which can be enabled on your device by following the steps setting>security then from there you can find the setting. 
  • You can now toggle the button on go back to the apk you just download. 
  • Click to install and enable the install by allowing all processes and follow the prompt page.
  • Then you’ve successfully installed the latest WhatsApp Aero on your device. 

Some Themes Available On The App

Download WhatsApp Aero Apk
WhatsApp Aero Apk
Latest Version Of WhatsApp Aero
WhatsApp Aaro V8.70

Download WhatsApp Aero 9.11

WhatsApp Aero v9.11 Apk

Download WhatsApp Aero 9.05

WhatsApp Aero v9.05 Apk

Download WhatsApp Aero 8.90

WhatsApp Aero v8.90 Apk

Download WhatsApp Aero 8.70

WhatsApp Aero v8.70

Download WhatsApp Aero 8.86

WhatsApp Aero v8.86


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