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How To Add Stickers In Signal Messenger App And Use Stickers On Signal

How To Add Stickers on Signal Messenger App

If you are one of whatsapp that migrate to signal messenger app or you just pick to switch to the alternative app called signal and you don’t seems to find the features that WhatsApp app on the app which is sticker features then you don’t need to worry about that for you will now learn or once you finish reading this article you should now know how to add stickers in signal messenger app likewise how to use stickers in signal messaging app.

Stickers on signal

Due to million of users that join the signal messenger app and switch from WhatsApp they have consider on adding more features on the messenger app unlike other messenger app like telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and more which one of the features that the users as been waiting for is the stickers features that you can now add and use on your signal app. 


How To Add Stickers In Signal Messenger App

Once you are already on signal messenger or if you just switch using the steps here

Follow the steps below to know how you can add stickers to your chats. 

  1. Open your stickers app and create a new chat or open previous chat.How To Add Stickers In Signal Messenger App
  2. Look around the chat conversations page and click on the button. 
  3. Tap on the button that you find below the left of the app.
  4. Which the button icon represses the stickers icon Of signal. 
  5. Once you click on the button you will be provided with the default signal messenger stickers. 
  6. You can now add more stickers by clicking on the plus ➕  sign that is located below on the stickers page. How To Use Stickers On Signal Messenger App
  7. From there you will be provided with some embedded stickers that are available on your signal chat. How To Use Stickers In Signal Messenger App

Tap on any stickers to download the stickers pack and add to your chats conversation with anyone, since signal chat is end to end encrypted you won’t be able to see more stickers unless someone sends already created custom stickers to you within a group that you are below to or directly. 

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How To Use Stickers In Signal Messenger App

  • Once you’ve added the stickers to your chat is now ready for use. 
  • You can now navigate to any of your chats to use your sticker. 
  • Click on the sticker icon that is located on your chat once you create or on the previous chat.
  • Then you will see a button that will allow you to switch to the sticker pack you just add which is now ready for use. 

How To Use Stickers On Signal Messenger App

One of the interesting parts about stickers on signal messenger apps is that once anybody sends you a single sticker that is not part of the one you have on your device automatically you will have the stickers pack that contain any type of sticker style for that stickers pack on your signal messenger app. 


The signal messenger is said to be available for all devices which entails both phones and Pc devices like macOS, windows, Linux operating and it’s also available for all iOS devices. That you can now pick or create a custom sticker using the signal messenger desktop version. And if you wish to know more about the statement we made mention above you can then pick to check or watch the youtube video that will be attached to this post. 


Some stickers are also provided on Twitter on the signal page which is provided for its user; you can go again and search for it on twitter. 


Video guide 


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