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Resident Evil 4 APK + OBB File Download ( Biohazard 4) v1.02.1 Highly Compressed 

Resident Evil 4 APK + OBB download

You might have several ways on the internet to get a download link or Direct download link for Resident Evil 4 APK + OBB file for android, and you don’t land yourself or you were not provided with what you are looking for not to worry much for you will get the highly compressed version of the game called Biohazard 4 which is another name given to the game. 

This online shooter game that is known to be Resident Evil 4 APK and OBB will be provided in this article it is available for the Android version only because the game is also available for all the gaming systems that you know out there so stick around to know the kind of game that you are about to download before you go ahead to download it. 

About Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 also has another name that is said to be Biohazard 4 which is the other name that is given to the shooting game once what you mean by shooting game is what you are going to know about once you continue reading this article. 

It’s an Oral game where the player is designed to be the shooter in which we keep killing the arrows that are available on the game on different levels so as to gain more entertainment when playing soccer. 

Capcom Production Studio 4 and the man responsible for the Invention of this game which is said to be also displaying the Resident Evil 4 game can be found on different gaming systems as we said earlier which can be found on iOS operating system apart from Android, Windows operating system, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft operating system and so on and so forth. 

The game is set to be released in the year 2005 which is one of the most popular games that most games I want to play or want to see them playing they also had a record of over 10 million downloads which will be talking in this article are you can download the Resident Evil 4 APK and OBB for your Android device. 

Resident Evil 4 APK + OBB Data

We need to mention two different things on our end which you should not believe as I don’t be confused if you are not someone that has played around or that has known what brought you up to this page the Resident Evil 4 is the game why the APK and OBB data file that we mention is the tool or application that you will use to install the game on your Android device. 

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The project IGI true is one of the best shooting games out there which you can get for free download,  and the game Biohazard 4 is one of the popular games that you found out there which is a card game owned and developed by Japanese. 

You can also find it online if you want to download biohazard 4 APK + OBB data which is something related to this game or is actually this particular game to call Biohazard 4, originally the game was only available on PSP console and PC only but now is now available for Android users. 

One of the best oral shooting games that you will find out there. Furthermore, the developers seem not to make the game available on the Google Play store which is the reason best known to them so if you have one that I’ve been searching for a solid game on the Google Play store you should stop that because you will end up finding fake related game stated on the store. 

Biohazard 4 is said to be the latest version of the game which will be providing you with Resident Evil 4 v1.02.1 on this article that is it is the latest version followed by Ed APK + data and you will be able to play it on your Android game. 

Features of Resident Evil 4

  • Multiplayer modes are available on this latest version of Resident Evil 4 for Android users. 
  • The Android version must be from Android upward so as to support the multiplayer mode. 
  • The graphics available on this latest version are the same as the ones that are provided on the console or gaming consoles. 
  • The original sound will be provided on the game as seen on the gaming console. 
  • Your gaming experience with this Resident Evil 4 for Android will be the same as playing on a PlayStation console or port. 
  • You will be able to play around with several weapons that are designed for the game. 
  • Different missions will be provided which machines are most challenging so as just to test your skill against horror infection. 
  • The gameplay and controls are designed to be simple and enjoyable with a favorable interface for users. 
  • Apart from the original mod game for the console, the mobile version is designed to be easily mastered. 
  • Actions on every mission and game will release a play on screen so as to make the demon or player understand everything. 
  • Know any awkward moment whenever you are moving around in a game. 
  • Resident Evil 4 mobile version for Android is designed for free download and 100% free to play. 
  • The game is designed originally in offline mode without an internet connection. 

Above is to tell me some Resident Evil 4 features that we say to see or know about. We will get to know more about them once you download and install the game for that follow-up with the APK and OBB data file. 

Why is Resident Evil 4 also called Biohazard 4?

If you have been reading our article from the beginning you will notice we also called Resident Evil 4 other name Biohazard 4, that is because the mobile version of the game is also tied with the name bow as at 4 which you shouldn’t get yourself wrong or get it wrong whenever you want to download the game. 

Biohazard 4 APK and OBB are also the same thing as Resident Evil 4 APK and OBB so you are being led through the same way so as to get your game downloaded for your Android device. 

Download Resident Evil 4 APK + OBB For Android 

Use the Direct download link that is provided below for Resident Evil 4 to find the APK and OBB file download for the game. 

Click on the provided Milan link below so as to start downloading your game. 

App nameResident Evil 4
Other NameBiohazard 4
File Available Apk + OBB
Version 1.02.1
Download Size300MB

Download Here

Graphics Display

Resident Evil 4 APK
Resident Evil 4 APK + OBB

How to install and set the game

  1. Use the album download link to download APK and OBB files. 
  2. We need to have ES File Explorer or Zachiever that can be used to extract the game. 
  3. Since the game is a highly compressed extractor that will be needed as stated above. 
  4. To download the game use the extractor ES File Explorer or Zarchiver to extract the zip file. 
  5. After you extract the zip file find a folder “com.WS.RE4” copy it and paste it into the following folder. 
  6. Locate the folder in your file manager or explore Android>OBB and paste it there. 
  7. Now go ahead and install the game using the Resident Evil 4 APK file that you download. 
  8. You cannot open it again and enjoy playing it. 


Everything provided in this article is originally just for educational purposes. you will find the download link to Resident Evil 4 APK and OBB, enjoying playing the game, and don’t forget to recommend this page to your friends. 

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