Dream league soccer 2023 (DSL 23) Apk, OBB, & Data Offline Latest Download 

Dream league soccer 2023 DLS 2023

If you have been looking for where to download your DLS 23 apk that comes with the obb+data+APK file then you have landed yourself in the appropriate place we will be showing you ways on how you can get your dream league soccer 2023 highly compressed download available for Android mobile device with offline mode access which is designed with best graphics and full transfer for the season 2022/2023.

What most people have been looking for about DLS 2023 is to get the offline mode attached with the best graphics or what they call PS5 graphics followed by APK OBB and data so everything will be listed in this article so just make sure you go through the other cool one after the other step by step. 

Dream League Soccer 2023 (DLS 23)

DLS 23 is a short form of dream league soccer 2023 this particular one we are talking about is the latest version for gls22 which has a short form of dream league soccer 2022. The latest version will put you in ways of playing soccer action games with a fresh look and latest features. 

That you will have a chance to build up your team that is available with over 4,000 FIFPro, you will be provided with an original player that you see on a different team which is brought up from the world’s best soccer club with different decisions that are up to 8.

This particular dream league tag with aviation 2033 will be enjoyable for you with 3D motion capture player moves, impressive in-game commentary, a well-customized team, and so on and so forth. 

This article will be loaded with the latest DLS 23 APK provided with obb and save data or what your so-called data which most people love to find with an offline mode that you have to be available and is always provided in this way dream league 2023 apk+obb+data offline mode. 

Features of dream league soccer 2023 DLS 23

  • You will have the Range to build your dream team from 3500 FIF Pro license prayer
  • Availability to build your soccer Empire buys for me your own Stadium and medical attachment with some commercial and training facilities. 
  • 3D motion caption kits, celebrations, goalkeepers,s and more are saved as gifts. 
  • Features to use codes to develop a player’s physical ability and technique are available on DLS 23.
  • Eight-division and complete to reach legendary status in more than 10 cups after taking the competition. 
  • Players can also pick up features to recruit agents to help and identify some of the top talented players in the market that are available for transfer. 
  • Dream league soccer 2023 allows each player to customize a steam kit and import players’ logos. 
  • Some rewards can be earned once players take part in the regular season.
  • DLS 23 allows players to play with each other around the globe using the features of the dream league live. 

Some other features that can be stated above can be noticed once you download the game and install it on your device appropriately by yourself so all you have to do is to use the download DLS 23 sub-option menu or some options heading provided in this article to get the latest version of dream league soccer installed to your device. 

Basic features of DLS 23

Building Your Dream Team

The signing of topmost players is now allowed on this latest dream league soccer which will make you or allow you to build your own Dream Team by using the latest features that are available on the app. Top players like Luis Suarez, Gareth Bale, and so on and so forth can be signed in as much to make some upgrades to your team members and build your own particular team or Dream Team. 

Improvement in gameplay

New animation and improvements in AI artificial intelligence have been done on this latest Dream League with respect to the previous version DLS 2022, you will notice the very best experience of all on this particular version reading a perfect circle package which will bring out the true beauty that you can find in soccer games. 

Best graphic display

Since everything has been upgraded on this latest dream league soccer 2023 he will have to experience the latest graphic playing in Ps5 regular graphics, must we bring out the inner beauty of the game to you which also brings a lot of improvement in the graphics engine so as to make your dream team look as you want. 

Connect with others

The dream league life features allow you to show your talent or showcase your player mode through the app using the latest DLS 23, which allows you to compete with different players around the globe. But it’ll be displayed on the global leaderboard. To show your achievement against your dream team and how you compete with others. 

Download Dream League Soccer 2023 Highly Compressed 

The download page of DLS 23 will be provided with three different links the first one will be for the APK the second download link before the OBB and the data download league will be for the data file. 

Dls 23 dream league soccer 2023 is highly compressed with apk+obb+data which you find a separate download link for them on the download page. 

You can learn how to install them below if you are new to the installation process of the dream league 2023 all the dream League in particular.

App nameDream league soccer 2023
TypeSoccer game
Download size500MB
Mod TypeHighly Compressed Offline Mod
Version 6.13

Download Here

Graphic display

Dream league soccer 2023
DLS 2023
Dream league soccer 23
Dream league soccer 2023 dls 23

How to install DLS 2023 Apk, OBB & Data

  1. Once you download the three files from the above link. 
  2. The three download links and test the APK OBB and data file. 
  3. Download all of them and make sure they have been downloaded and saved on your device. 
  4. Now download es file explorer or zarchiver File Explorer that is available for Android devices. 
  5. If you already have both or have any one of them go ahead and extract the OBB file that you download. 
  6. Is composed in a zip file after you have extracted the obb file go ahead and also extract the data file. 
  7. After both finals have been extracted go to the APK file and click on it to install the dream league soccer 2023.
  8. After the installation is done, now go to your main file explorer or Zachiever File Explorer. 
  9. Get the following folder that ranges from Android follow obb folder. 
  10. Make sure you have copied the obb file you extracted earlier now go ahead and paste it into this new folder called obb. 
  11. The theme for the data file to copy the data file and locate the following folder Android / Data/.
  12. Once you get to the folder, paste the data file there. 
  13. Now go back and open the DLS APK you installed earlier so as to start playing your game. 


This article talks more about dream league soccer 2023 which you will find out yourself or find out how you can install, download, and play around with the game,  where is the latest version of the DLS that we have provided every information on this article for educational purposes only. 


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