Mx Player Pro Mod v1.44.3 Free Download (Adfree, Patched, Lite, Offline)


MX Player Pro is a very powerful tool as regards media, it has been considered as the best media player for android device v1.44.3 all because of the great feature and flexibility that it offers.(Adfree, Patched, Lite, Offline).

Below are some of the overviews of MX player Pro.


MX Player was developed by a team called j2 interactive, they have been working on the project for years and they only focus on the development of the media player, they have not developed any other software apart from the MX player. Maybe that is what eventually makes it the best, they have been concentrating on only providing a very convenient service to its users. If you have not been using the MX media player, i would urge you to do. You surely would notice the difference to other media players, especially with this moded version we provide in this article.


Professional video player

MX Player Pro offers a professional media player that other players do not. It searches every corner of your phone to provide easy access to them. It also acts as a music player, even though the interface with the video player is the same, it still works pretty well.

Customizable player

The Pro app allows you to customize the media player to your own taste. Mx player Pro has a wide range of customization which includes

  • adjusting playback speed: which allows you to control the speed of a media, the media can be adjusted to run faster or slower depending on what the user wants.
  • background play: This allows you to play a video in the background even when your device goes into sleep mode, this is very useful when playing music videos, you don’t need the audio version anymore.
  • Floating window media player: This allows you to multi-task, you can reduce your media player to a small window letting you watch your video and also perform another task at the same time.
  • Repeat video: This enables you to repeat your favorite video over and over again as many times as you want, you can even repeat a single segment of the video.
  • Online player: allows you to watch a video online, if you have a video URL simply paste it into the media player and it will play the video online for you.Mx player Pro

Quality display 

MX Player Pro offers a very unique display feature that includes

  • Switching off video: you can easily turn off the images of a video and listen to the sounds only on the pro version of the app.
  • Easy shortcuts: you can easily turn on the shortcuts bar in settings to customize your media more easily.
  • Rotation mode: it allows you to rotate the screen in any direction you so desire and also enabling you to lock it.
  • Zoom: enables you to zoom in and out of the video, you can also choose to maintain an aspect ratio
    .Mx player

Audio setup

You can play around with the audio settings to have the audio playback to your taste. Customizable audio settings include:

  • Equalizer settings: this setting is available for both audio and video you can easily tweak the sound production of your media with this setting (if you know what to do)
  • External audio: if you have or wish to, you can select an external audio file from your device storage while playing some other video.
  • Synchronizing audio: you can easily sync a selected audio file with the video with this setting if the audio does not match with the video.


You can also play around with the subtitle settings to achieve desired results, settings which include:

  • Adding subtitle: if you have a subtitle file, you can easily add them to the media with the subtitle options
  • Synchronizing subtitle: you can easily sync the subtitle with the audio if they do not match.
  • Customize subtitle: the subtitle option also allows you to customize subtitle to your taste, increase the size, choosing the font, rendering, and all.


  • Pro unlocked

The app is the pro version and is totally free.

  • Ads free

All ads have been removed/disabled.


  • Download the app for your device with the links below.
  • Allow installation from an unknown source (settings>security>unknown source)
  • Install the app and enjoy!.


This version of MX player is the pro version and is totally free.


App nameMX player
App versionv1.44.3 (PRO)
App size16MB
Supported deviceAndroid 4.4+

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Download MX Player Pro Mod 1.44.3

MX Player Pro Mod 1.44.3 Apk


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