How to hack a WiFi with wps wpa tester app

Hacking a WiFi might be more easier than you thought. Trying to hack a WiFi doesn’t really require you to have any programming skill, with just a single app, you might be able to do that easily. The article provides a mean for you to hack a WiFi network using wps wpa tester.


Information provided in this article are strictly for educational purposes only. will not be responsible for any illegal act carried out with the app mentioned below. 


Wps wpa tester is a tool used to check the vulnerability of you WiFi networks. Leaving your WiFi vulnerable to hackers can really make lot of negative impact to you than you can ever imagine. So it always advisable to make you have a very strong WiFi security. With that we have decided to provide you a mean to check the vulnerability of your WiFi with an app known as wpa wps tester. The app let you check if your WiFi is vulnerable to hacking or strong, with this app you can easily hack your own WiFi before someone eventually do that for you.

Meanwhile the app has only been provided here for educational purposes only!, you are meant to only use the app to check the vulnerability of your WiFi and not for any illegal act.


The first thing you need to know before installing the app is that the app works for both rooted device and unrooted device, but to get the best results and unlock more features, it is best to use a rooted device. And if you would wish to learn how to root your android device click here to go to our android rooting article.


  • Now First you install the app from the link below.
  • Then enable installation from unknown source in the settings of your phone (if you haven’t done that!).
  • Now install the app and launch it.
  • After launching the app, it will ask for root access, allow grant for supersu or whatever you root your device with(that’s for rooted devices, for unrooted device just proceed with the next step).
  • Then the app will automatically scan for near-by available WiFi devices, if there are any available device it will indicate it with either green, yellow or red.
Note The green simply means the device has high success rate or is very vulnerable to hacking  The yellow means the device is not recognised, and success can be a maybe, it can be hacked or not. While the red simply means the device has a very strong security and can simply not be hacked.
  • select the one you desire to connect to either the green or yellow. Red cannot be selected(make sure to have a close range with the WiFi for best results)
  • After selecting your desired WiFi, hit the all pin option, and wait for some seconds or minutes.
  • The device will quickly test all available pin and display results when done.
  • If the WiFi device you selected is indicated with green then you surely should succeed but if it is indicated in yellow, chances are you might succeed or not (with rooted device chances are also mild)
  • If you succeed with Hacking the device will connect automatically and the password can be viewed from the password tab in the main menu of the app(the menu you selected device from), only root user can see the password, unroot users can only connect.
  • If it doesn’t work out you can try out other methods from the option like the brute force it might eventually work(for rooted devices only).


The premium app is available for download below, it is completely Ads free.

Wps wpa tester premium


App name: wps wpa tester.Apk

App version: v4.0.1(PREMIUM)

App size: 8.5MB

Supported device: Android 5.0+


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