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Greenify Donate v5.0.1 build 47500 free apk download

OK, after reading the article about rooting my device, I decided to give it a try, so i finally got my device rooted now what??!… Many of you might have been wondering what to do with your device after you must have probably rooted it, there are tons of things to do with your rooted phone, so at this moment I’ll like to show you how to save up to 20% of your phone’s battery with an app called “Greenify”.


Greenify is an app that is designed to hibernate any app(including system apps) on your mobile phone, this hibernation process is simply force-stopping or freezing any app you selected from working in the background and preventing them from starting up automatically. Apps running in the background are the main cause of battery drainage when not in use, they start up in the background without your consent and drain most of your battery while performing tasks, most of these tasks you probably don’t need so it is better to find a way to prevent them from running in the background and draining your battery, but getting a task killer for this purpose will only cause more harm than good to your device as the app you kill will obviously start running again causing more stress on your phone’s memory and battery, but with greenify 5.0.1, the apps remain hibernated until you decide to run them yourself, greenify prevents them from starting up unless woken by an external app of course! (use the comment section to know about how to prevent hibernated apps from being woken by an external app). The app is mainly built for rooted devices but can also be used on nonrooted devices too, but the rooted option comes with more benefits and automated processes than the nonrooted option, outcomes are also better on rooted devices too.

You can read our article about rooting your android device HERE before proceeding!

How to use the greenify app with a rooted device.

  • First, download the app from the download section below
  • Now go to your phone’s settings and enable installation from an unknown source (settings-security-unknown source)
  • Now install the app and launch
  • Select the root option and grant permission for supersu or any other root app
  • Click on the plus sign and select all the apps you want to hibernate.
Greenify donate
Hibernate apps

You can also choose to hibernate system apps that consume more background space by following the information below 

On the main interface, click on the three dots positioned at the upper right corner and select settings, then enable show system apps, you can also choose to enable some advanced features which might require the installation of the Xposed framework for better results.

Some important things to note before using the app. 
  • Be careful what app you choose to hibernate, hibernating some apps might prevent you from receiving notifications from them (I.e messenger, WhatsApp, and the likes.. )
  • Be careful what system app you choose to hibernate, hibernating some system app might eventually cause your phone to malfunction or even cause some apps to crash.
  • Be careful when you choose to install the Xposed framework to unlock some options, installing Xposed framework box modules on the unsupported devices may cause the phone to boot loop resulting in a soft brick, never use the Xposed framework unless you know what you are doing and how to recover from a soft brick, I’ll recommend not using the feature at all on this app to prevent future regrets and data loss.

How To use the greenify app on nonrooted device 

  • Download the app from the download section below.
  • Now go to your phone’s settings and enable installation from an unknown source (settings-security-unknown source)
  • Install the app and launch
  • Choose the non-root option or I don’t know for the app to check for root access for you.
  • Click on the plus sign and select any app you want to hibernate click on hibernate now and manually force stop the apps as they appear.

This app is the pro version which is available on the play store for a token price, but we offer the download here at absolutely no cost! 

Now you can save up to 20%-30% of your phone’s battery life, Congratulations!! 

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Got you confused somewhere? Let us know via the comments section below. 

Now that you have found a way to make use of your rooted device, stay tuned to this website or join our telegram channel for more tips and tricks on rooted android devices. Thanks for your time! 

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