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Airtel Awoof Data Offer 1GB For 100 Data, Code & More

Airtel Awoof Data Offer 1GB For 100 Data, Code & More

Here is another affordable data plan that has been designed for I tell you which is called Airtel Awoof data offer, with the data you should be able to get cheap data plans as low as 1GB for 100 Naira and 3GB for 300 respectively. 

This is why one of the Airtel awoof data offers out there is that most people have been looking for the code on how they can subscribe and get this particular data. 

It’s a data plan that has been designed by some major Airtel customers that have been more or less like their regular customers which tend to have the offer available on their specific SIM. 

Airtel Awoof Data Offer

The Airtel awoof data offer is just a data plan that has been designed to be special, cheap, affordable, and come with a low cost of data subscription. 

Which has been designed to offer you a low amount of data subscription purchase that ranges from 1GB for 100, 2GB for 200, and 3GB for 300.

Name a way of getting a low-cost data plan from Airtel if you are one of those people who has been searching for anything related to airtel affordable data plan 2024 or airtel cheap data plan 2024 then this particular section is for you. 

And I would like to let you know that this particular data plan is not designed for all other uses. If you carry out the process that can help you to get the data offer and it does not work for you it is recommended to move on and keep up with the Affordable data plan that is designed for your device. 

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It’s recommended to make use of this particular code to check for my offer on your airtel SIM using *141*1*4# which you should select from the offer my request and you will see the type of offer that is expected of eligible for your airtel SIM. 

That is one of the recommended options if the data offer is not available on your airtel SIM now let’s move to the main part of this article. 

How To Activate The Airtel Awoof Data Offer

The airtel awoof data offer is designed to be presented with the code which is called the airtel and tata code that we are going to be sharing with you so as to know if you are eligible for the plan or offer. 

Use the airtel awoof data offer code to get the airtel offer activated on your line which can help you to get a low or cheap and affordable data plan for your airtel line. 

That is all that you need once you click the code you should be listed with the kind of awoof data offer that is available for your line. 

Airtel Awoof Data Offer Code

This is the airtel awoof data offer code *312*562#.

Proceed to dial it on your phone dialler and you should be provided with the list of the data offered. 

From there you should be provided with a list of some cheap and affordable data offers that include

  • 1GB @ 100
  • 2GB @ 200
  • 3GB @ 300
Airtel Awoof Data Offer Code

Just as we mentioned earlier, that is just the easiest way forward to make use of the airtel awoof data code to subscribe on your Airtel SIM. 

You can also make use of this guide to check your data balance after subcribering to the offer.


This particular data plan is cheap and affordable and is designed for some major airtel customers which is not available and it will only be eligible for some airtel customers. 

That is the awoof data offer is SIM selective which might not work for your SIM if it does not work then you should make use of the airtel offer procedure that will be shared above. Or check some of the related articles we have on our page that will explain to you how you can get cheap and affordable data plans on your airtel sim in 2023 or the upcoming year 2024.


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